July 2024

Hey botty-botherers! Use a cock sock!

The most recent and most reliable studies suggest that people are around 20 times more likely to get HIV Aids from ‘receptive anal sex’ (whether male or female) than from ‘receptive vaginal sex’.

Now there’s a new drug – pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) – which cuts the risk of HIV Aids infection by almost 90%. (Though using a condom incidentally cuts the risk of infection by almost 100%).

PrEP is a pill that must be taken daily to be effective and will cost almost £5,000 per botty-botherer per year. The total cost to the NHS could be anywhere between £20m and £50m a year, depending, of course, on how many tens of thousands of eager botty-botherers demand to be given this medicine as their ‘yuman right’.

And, of course, every £20m to £50m spent protecting those who practice ‘receptive anal sex’ without protection, because they can’t be bothered to get their partner (the ‘inserter’) to use a happy hat, means £20m to £50m less to be spent on those who, through no fault of their own, develop conditions like cataracts, cystic fibrosis or cancer.

But, of course, the botty-botherer lobbying groups couldn’t give a toss about other people being deprived of life-enhancing and life-saving treatments. Much more important to them is their ‘yuman right’ to shove their cocks into other people’s anuses without having to wear a johnny.

(I normally insert a picture at this point in my blog. And there are plenty of excellent pictures available on Google of people back-dooring to illustrate today’s subject. But I think I’ll spare you and just let readers use their own imagination)

So, if you (whether you are a man or woman) really want someone to put their penis into your bottom at regular intervals, you have a choice – get the ‘inserter’ to wear a condom or demand that you get PrEP even though this may result in people, who really do need medical care, being deprived so that you and your partner can bang enthusiastically away without sheathing up for action.

This is just another example of how the NHS is being exploited by the vain, the self-obsessed, the lazy and the dishonest:

  • Not happy with your breasts? Are they causing you problems with your self esteem? No problem – demand a boob job free on the NHS
  • Your nose too big/small/bent/etc? More problems with your self-esteem? No problem – demand a nose job free on the NHS
  • Are you a fat slob who never does any exercise and who lacks the self control to limit the amount of junk food you stuff into your ugly, flabby face? No problem – demand bariatric surgery free on the NHS
  • Don’t live in Britain? Never been to Britain? But need medical care? No problem – come to Benefits Britain and you’ll get all the medical care you want for you and your fifteen children free, FREE, FREE!

Maybe it’s time to stop this madness? The NHS is not there to improve the lifestyles of the self-obsessed, weak-willed, the selfish and the anally-obsessed nor to provide for every Mohammed, Ali or Fatima around the world.

As for botty-botherers – make them and their partners either use cock socks or pay for their own PrEP!

Why should the rest of us support for their narcissistic self-indulgence?

(Meanwhile there has been what the police call an “incident” in Central London. Amazingly, the BBC and the Guardian already ‘know’ that the perpetrator was suffering from a “mental illness”. So, conclude the BBC and the Guardian, it’s probably not a terrorist attack. It’s odd that the BBC and the Guardian seem to know why the perpetrator knifed a few people but don’t even know his name. Might I humbly suggest it begins with ‘M’ and ends with ‘d’? Anyway, it’s time to get out your ‘Blame Bollox Bingo’ cards to see what excuses our rulers give for this latest M*sl*m outrage – see my blog of 27 July for your ‘Blame Bollox Bingo’ bingo card )

4 comments to Hey botty-botherers! Use a cock sock!

  • Dave H.

    Couldn’t agree more with you David, why should we pay for ” prevention ” of something that is ” elective “,
    a contradiction in terms to me.

  • NoMore

    Wait till the Africans start demanding we send it to them because AIDS is rife and it is beneath their dignity to sheath up and birth control is racist and black genocide by the back door (if you’ll pardon the pun).
    As Bob would say “Give us your f-ing PrEP”

  • MGJ

    I agree with your conclusions but for different reasons.

    My view is that people can do whatever they like to their own bodies but it should be they who suffer any adverse consequences.

    Enter government, with its mission to grow ever bigger and suck up ever more resources and we have the perfect match: one group of people desperate for ‘free’ stuff and another equally desperate to provide it using other people’s money.

    Such views may not be popular but this is why ‘free’ healthcare is fundamentally doomed.

  • David Brown

    The Guardian today 4-8-2016 has article on the NHS not wanting to have the cost of providing Prep. How is huge setback to acceptance of the LGBT community. It carefully avoids explaining that condoms are totally effective. Does the NHS prescribe poppers?

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