July 2024

Let’s all play “Blame Bollox Bingo”

Another day, another bloody attack.

The London bombings. The World Trade Centre. Drummer Lee Rigby. Charlie Hebdo murders. The Florida nightclub shootings. Attack on a train in France. Massacre in Paris. Massacre in Brussels. Attack on a train in Germany. Bomb at a music festival in Germany. Priest beheaded in France. Shooting at a shopping centre in Sweden.

But each time we’re told by our politically-correct rulers and the equally politically-correct mainstream media that these incidents and loss of innocent lives of men, women and children are NTDWI.

So, what can be behind all these assaults on us? To help you discover the reason for each attack (which, of course, has NTDWI) I’ve invented a new game which I’ve called “Blame Bollox Bingo”.

The rules are very simple. Each time there’s an attack on us by a member of the Religion of Peace, you look at your “Blame Bollox Bingo” card and tick off the excuse that our rulers and the mainstream media use to explain away yet another mass murder. Once you’ve ticked off all the excuses on your card, you’ve won!

Congratulations!! You’ve won a large false beard, an AK47 and a one-way ticket to Raqqa.

Here’s your “Blame Bollox Bingo” card. Enjoy this exciting, challenging and exhilarating new game!!!

blame bollox bingo

6 comments to Let’s all play “Blame Bollox Bingo”

  • NoMore

    Funny! But of course very true. I hope you have a large box of false beards – I think all those excuses have turned up at some point already just this last week.

  • Daveh

    Brilliant !

    When will we take up arms against these sacks of shite ?.

  • brian rodney harwood

    A wonderful example of the British knack of poking fun at something which is, in fact, deadly serious. It worked very well during WW2 when the Nazi leaders were ridiculed, particularly by newspaper cartoonists.

  • Mystery---Man

    What’s the solution? Nuke Mecca?

  • NoMore

    Minimum would be to close all Salafist/Wahabist/Deobandi mosques, deport all foreign imams, ban burqas and niqabs, intern all known jihadis and ISIS returnees indefinitely, segregate M0slims in prisons, prevent any religious funding from outside the UK especially Saudi. This would be a start and should have been put in place after 9/11.

  • […] rulers give for this latest *sl*mic outrage – see my blog of 27 July for your bingo card […]

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