April 2024

Waaayyycissst people weally get me vewy angwy indeed

Don’t you just get extremely angry at people like Pat Condell with their misguided opinions of the Religion of Tolerance and Peace?

We cannot have opinions like this.

We cannot allow people to tell the truth.

We need new laws stamping out the last vestiges of freedom of speech.

Censorship – bring it on!

3 comments to Waaayyycissst people weally get me vewy angwy indeed

  • MGJ

    Fortunately censoring the entire internet is difficult to do, although Twitter and Facebook are on the case. Just imagine how bad things would be if all we had was the self-censoring, lying BBC and the lapdogs of the press to provide us with the facts.

  • MGJ

    Good news – the Guardian has announced record losses of £173 million.

    Perhaps people are at last getting tired of its insane preachings.

  • chris

    Just wondering, why have all the recent trri5t attacks in France and Germany resulted in no arrests? Each time they’re just shot and killed. No interrogation so no connections. Also, how is it that all of these unconnected perpetrators have different modi operandi? Surely if it was true chance and the attackers are deranged lone wolfs, some attacks would be similar. Especially the easy ones using lorries. It’s almost is if there was some subtle organisation behind it designed to create regular daily headlines fearmongering. Seems like a natural follow-on and similar tactics to the daily horror stories we used to get from 1515 in Syria.

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