July 2024

Another million reasons to vote – Leave!

Another dementia day for me. But here are 6 minutes of MEP Daniel Hannan brilliantly explaining why we must vote “Leave” on 23 June:


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  • chris


  • brian rodney harwood

    An excellent speech by Daniel Hannan – who, in their right mind, could gainsay his reasons for the UK to leave the undemocratic, inaccountable European Union .

  • brian rodney harwood

    An excellent speech by Daniel Hannan – who, in their right mind, could gainsay his reasons for the UK to leave the undemocratic, unaccountable European Union .

  • Tim Rogers

    Germany May Be a Bigger Threat to the European Union than Brexit.

    A poll in Italy reported that the Five Star Movement (a populist political party that wants to hold a referendum on whether Italy should remain in the European Union) was the most popular political party in the country ahead of local elections scheduled for next month.

    On the same day, British researchers who surveyed nine EU countries reported that 45 percent of respondents believed that their country should hold a referendum on whether to remain in the EU.
    48% of Italians want to leave the EU

    Germany is a ticking bomb

    At the center of the European Union is Germany whose export-dependent economy is gradually falling apart.

  • Tim Rogers

    3 Signs the German Economy Is Falling Apart.

    Germany is the world’s fourth-largest economy. It is also Europe’s largest economy, and any European economic recovery depends a great deal on Germany’s trajectory.

    Germany is also the third-largest exporter in absolute terms in the G20 and is nearly as dependent on exports as Saudi Arabia and South Korea. The country, therefore, must export vast amounts to maintain social and political stability.

    German exporters, therefore, are facing a significant problem: they are boosting sales but not making much money. This tactic works in the short term but is financially unsustainable in the long run.

    Germany is not yet in crisis, and many German companies are still sporting at least steady returns. However, the earnings reports of some large German companies and Germany’s export data signal that the country has painted itself into a corner with no way out.

    Germany is the powerhouse of the EU and the fourth-largest economy in the world. But the truth is, the Germans are facing a profound crisis—and there’s no way they can prevent it.

    When the storm hits, its effects will be felt in the US and around the globe. Investors worldwide will be left running for cover…

  • TonyT

    Anti-Establishment Revulsion Hits Italy As 5-Star Candidate Takes Lead In Rome Mayoral Election.

    Millions of Italians went to the polls on Sunday to vote in local elections for new mayors and town councils in more than 1,300 cities, the results of which could shake up Italy’s political landscape. The elections include Italy’s biggest cities such as Rome and Milan, and come at a difficult time for Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, as the country faces weak economic growth, a banking sector on the verge of yet another major crisis, and an uptick in migration.

    In the main battleground of Rome, the anti-establishment Euroskeptic 5-Star Movement candidate won the largest share of the votes in the first round of its mayoral election. Virginia Raggi, a 37-year old lawyer running as the upstart euroskeptic 5-Star Movement won 35.6% of the vote cast Sunday in Rome, while Roberto Giachetti, the candidate for Renzi’s Democratic party received just 24.7%. The two candidates will face a runoff on June 19.

  • TonyT

    Ukraine Announces The Arrest Of A French Man Planning Euro 2016 Attack.

    The man was allowed to buy five machine guns, two rocket-propelled grenade launchers, 275 pounds of TNT, 100 detonators and other arms before the SBU moved in on him and made the arrest on the Yahodyn border crossing between Ukraine and Poland last month.

  • John Fields

    A stirring speech, all the eggs in one basket. When we leave the EU we need Nigel
    Farage as Prime Minister and Daniel Hannan as Exchequer instead of the jokers who
    are in those positions at present.

  • NoMore

    Shame Farage was not allowed to speak freely in last night’s “debate”. Most of his questioners were either gobby foreigners, or vested interest EU shills with other agendas than the restoration of British sovereignty. We had the Muslim woman seeking to catch him out being “islumophobic” about the German rapefugees, the black woman who was there to brand Ukip as anti-black and showed no interest in the EU debate or Farage’s attempts to reply. There was the Big Pharma shill, the Europol shill, the woman who insisted the EU Cmomission were elected and accountable to the people. Most were reading out from laminated cards and were given carte blanche by the moderator to hassle and interrupt at will.

    The Prime Blancmange by contrast has lots of polite questioners and was allowed to speak at length on his favourite themes and dodge the immigration questions with bland electioneering about apprenticeships and the like. The questioners weren’t impressed.

    ITV will no doubt congratulate themselves on a good night in service of the EU. Only the deeply credulous and unthinking would be influenced by this stitch-up of a debate though. Was it David or Goliath who won remind me?

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