December 2023
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Trump would stand up for his country – Dave, that’s what real leaders are meant to do

The UK mainstream media’s loathing of Donald Trump is almost sickening.

I’m pretty sure that two days ago, both the Times and the Daily Telegraph predicted that, although Trump was the leading republican nationwide, the strong evangelical vote in Iowa would go to Cruz and make a Trump win difficult.

This is exactly what happened. So, what were the headlines in the UK? Things like: “Trump humiliated in Iowa” and “Shock  defeat for Trump“.

Most of the videos of Trump’s speeches are too long to watch. But this 15-minute excerpt from a speech he gave to the American Press Association suggests that, although he’s not an accomplished speaker, he’s not quite as crazy as the mainstream media desperately want us to think.

This video shows that Trump realises the US is getting screwed by China, Japan and other countries and he promises that if he is president, he’ll stop this.

Imagine Britain having a prime minister who put our national interests first rather than selling our country out to his mates in the corrupt, undemocratic, sclerotic, collapsing EU. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

But all we have is a dodgy ex-PR man, Cameron, who is cobbling together a supposed ‘new deal’ with his EU bosses which he’ll then tout to us as a triumph of his negotiation skills and a wonderful result for Britain as he hands Britain over to German control.

In fact, I sometimes wonder whether Cameron has done a dirty back-room deal – if he keeps Britain in the EU, then his EU mates reward him by supporting him to become the next EU president?

Anyway, here’s the Trump video:

2 comments to Trump would stand up for his country – Dave, that’s what real leaders are meant to do

  • Peter

    Trump-hating media: get this all out of your system now, spew your venom, insults, taunts. Cruz was always expected to win Iowa. Trump was a close second. Trump got SEVEN delegates to Cruz’ eight. This is a fantastic start for Trump. On to New Hampshire February 9, we’ll see how the Canadian Cruz does there ….. Come on Trump the Free World needs you..

  • Peter

    “They’ll Sue His Ass Off”: Donald Trump Blasts Ted Cruz Over Eligibility; Dirty Tricks

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