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Will we ever learn the truth about the Sinai plane crash?

There seem to be at least six major players with very differing interests at play with the recent Sinai plane crash:

1. Egypt

Will not want it to be a bomb or missile as that would put the final nail into the coffin of what little is left of that blighted country’s tourist industry

2. Ireland

Would prefer a terrorist attack to a massive structural failure as the plane was registered in Ireland and Ireland was supposedly responsible for monitoring its airworthiness. How the Irish regulators were effectively overseeing the work of Russian (or Philippine?) maintenance personnel is an interesting question. Moreover, having spent some time in Russia and having worked on aircraft maintenance in a Third World country, I’d be tempted to point the finger at catastrophically inadequate maintenance

3. France

Like Ireland, France would prefer a terrorist attack to a massive structural failure as the plane was largely built in France and it wouldn’t do much for future Airbus sales if the thing has a tendency to fall apart when it reaches cruising altitude

4. The bosses of Metrojet

Desperately want it to be a terrorist attack as they don’t want to get banged up for running a crap, third-rate excuse for an airline with low-quality maintenance being carried out by untrained and frequently drunk mechanics. So they have already ‘got their retaliation in first’ by claiming that the “only explainable cause is physical impact on the aircraft” – some ‘outside force’ (missile or bomb) that caused the plane to break up mid-air

5. The bearded maniacs

They, of course, want everyone to believe that they’re the ones behind the crash as part of their terrorist plans to slay any infidels (and any Muzzies who don’t agree with them) to achieve world domination and a glorious new blood-drenched Caliphate

6. Russia

That just leaves Uncle Vlad. He’s in a bit of a cleft stick. If it’s a terrorist attack, that would make his current campaign against ISIL in Syria rather unpopular with the Russkies. After all, they won’t want to face potential death every time they try to escape the Russian winter by taking a holiday in the sun just because Vlad is best mates with Bashar “Basher” Al-Assad. On the other hand, Vlad wouldn’t want people thinking that Russian aircraft maintenance was about as reliable as a 20-year-old Lada.

But all in all, I suspect Uncle Vlad would prefer bad maintenance to a terror attack as that would allow him to shift all the blame onto the airline bosses and then lock them up and throw away the key.


I suspect the final investigation will conclude that the plane broke apart probably following an engine explosion. (There have been claims that a US satellite picked up a ‘heat flash’ just before the plane went down. Some have said this points to a bomb. But it could also be an engine exploding) And if it’s not an engine explosion, it will be due to metal fatigue linked to the rather large number of awkward landings followed up by botched repairs using mainly Sellotape and glue.

If I was one of the airline’s owners, I’d be grabbing whatever’s left in the company safe and doing a “Lucky Lucan” or “Reggie Perrin” in the hope that Uncle Vlad has too many other things on his plate to worry about me:

Reggie Perrin

Our back-to-the-Stone-Age future

Meanwhile as invading *sl*mic armies continue to pour into Europe, here’s a comment from a reader which pretty much sums up our back-to-the-Stone-Age future:

The gross error the general populations of Western Europe are making is that they think any people from anywhere can come and will assimilate to our ways of decency and generosity. They seem to have the erroneous superior position thinking that somehow we are some sort of beacon that shows the rest of the World a lead, particularly the so-called pompous liberal socialist British elite that have infiltrated every position of power and influence.

They will only realise the total misjudgement and error of their ways when it literally hits them in the face. Although they will probably continue destroying all that is good about Europe from their gated, guarded, protected communities within which they will shelter as occurs in Swedenistan today. But they too will pay the same price as they are voted out of power and cast into the murderous abyss and are forced to pay ‘Jizya with willing submission’ like the rest of us.

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