June 2024

The BBC’s “BUREAUCRATS IN NEED” is coming again

You’ve probably noticed that the BBC is gearing up for its annual CHILDREN IN NEED appeal. Yet again all the Z-list ‘celebs’ are getting ready to try to revive their dying careers by getting some free publicity. Sorry, I meant ‘give up their valuable time to help good causes’.

The big night this year is Friday 13 November.

The BBC claims that “every penny you give makes a difference”. But a difference for whom? The children in need? Or the BBC bureaucrats and pen-pushers?

Before you hand over your money, please let me tell you a few inconvenient truths about this great supposedly ‘charitable’ event. Then you can judge for yourself whether you really should be throwing your already heavily-taxed cash into that great, corrupt, politically-biased, left-wing, steaming cesspit of parasitical, self-serving, overpaid, over-pensioned bureaucrats that is the BBC.

The BBC’s CHILDREN IN NEED charity has 107 employees. They seem to be awfully lucky employees indeed. While the average employee cost (salary, NI and pension contributions) at our larger charities is between £20,000 and £30,000, the average employee cost at the BBC’s CHILDREN IN NEED is a wonderful £37,804. That’s about 80% more than average employee costs at charities like Oxfam and Save the Children:

children in need employee costs 2015 blog

Moreover, the CHILDREN IN NEED boss managing these 106 people (probably all based in comfortable offices in Central London) pocketed about £112,365 of our ‘charitable donations’ last year. That’s more than the boss at Oxfam who got just £109,000 for managing 5,046 employees across the world, many of them in some of the world’s most dangerous countries.

Current employees at the BBC’s CHILDREN IN NEED are fortunate enough to be eligible for one of the most generous pension schemes in Britain – the BBC’s ‘final salary’ pension scheme, which will give them guaranteed, inflation-protected pensions for the rest of their lives.

Sadly for us licence-fee payers and for contributors to CHILDREN IN NEED, the BBC’s pension scheme is so unbelievably generous to BBC employees that it doesn’t have enough money to meet its liabilities. No problem – the BBC has decided to fatten up its own pension scheme with our license-fee money. Over the next 11 years around £905,000,000 extra of our money (in addition to the regular contributions the BBC makes each month for each employee) will be put into the BBC pension scheme to ensure all BBC employees can have a comfortable, secure, well-rewarded retirement at our expense. In fact, the BBC has already begun this glorious (for BBC employees) fattening with an extra £110,000,000 of our money being shoved into its pension scheme on 28 March 2011 and hundreds of millions more since then.

As for the CHILDREN IN NEED part of this pension scheme, it was also underfunded and so in 2012 got an extra £186,000 of our charitable donations, then an extra £247,000 in 2013 and then £252,034 more last year.

children in need

Of course, we should support worthy charities. But there is really no need to allow greedy, money-grabbing, self-serving BBC bureaucrats to take a cut of everything we give. Why not just find a local charity and give directly?

These over-paid, over-pensioned, self-regarding BBC bureaucrats are laughing at our stupidity and gullibility while grabbing huge amounts of our supposed ‘charitable donations’ for themselves.

Maybe it’s time to put an end to their party?

And if you know anyone who might be tempted to give their money to these lucky over-paid, over-pensioned BBC bureaucrats, perhaps you should send them a link to today’s blog?

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6 comments to The BBC’s “BUREAUCRATS IN NEED” is coming again

  • right_writes

    I used to feel a bit guilty about not regularly contributing to one of our “Great British” charities…

    This was partly because, I was not a big earner, and partly because over the years (lots of them), I have heard it repeated that these organisations tend to be a little bit cavalier with the way that their efforts are distributed.

    However, no such conscience now… Not even a vestige…

    …Nicholas “Nick” Clogg saw to that, I am now happy to say that whenever I go to a supermarket either for my old dad, or for my household, that I spend at least 10p on “good causes”, since I am not going to respond to the global warming/plastic bag canard, if a fellow needs somewhere to put his manufacturer’s over-packaging, food waste (precious little)…. i.e. bin liners, dual purpose 5p bags are excellent.

  • tim worth

    Just one more reason to scrap the Beeb,it is well past its sell by date.Should be subscription based them that want it pay for it.

    As for the Global Warming, sorry they dont call it that now because there hasnt been any warming for 18 years. Its now Climate Change, even though the Climate has always changed, would be odd if it didnt.
    Here a renowned of physicist Freeman Dyson (was a colleague of Einstein so I think he knows what he is talking about)debunks the whole charade.

    He SAYS:

    Climate change “is not a scientific mystery but a human mystery,” Dyson said in his interview with The Register. “How does it happen that a whole generation of scientific experts is blind to obvious facts?

    I can explain the mystery for him, follow the Money and follow the Politics.

    But hey since when in the last 20 years has reality and facts got to do with anything in Politics.

    Hitlary Clinton now wants girls at school to change in their change rooms openly with boys that think they are girls.I am not joking either.

  • tony howarth

    The Beeb and the rest of the media and Presstitudes are the mouth pieces of the Politicians and their handlers. All the Politicians in the West are bought and paid for by the bankers and others like Soros.Therefore we no longer have a Democracy whichever party we vote for we get the same old, buy the votes attitude with borrowed and printed money. The voters expect to receive more from the welfare state not less, the Politicians have emptied the piggy bank and borrowed to the hilt in their pursuit of vote buying, the party will soon be over.
    The University Educated Youth of today with pointless Degrees,have seen no different life other than receiving much for doing nothing relying on the Bank of Mum and Dad that knew how to work for a living. These Students and other Government workers are warming to Jeremy Corbyn and his ilk , thinking they will have it good. If they vote him and his cohorts into power they will bring collapse to the country instantly , overnight with his policies, instead of the slower disintegration with gradual realisation by the masses that this country is stuffed due to its excessive Welfare state(and overall misgovernance by Cameron etc.) that has brought incompatible peoples to our shores looking for handouts, the Gimmegrants.It cant be stopped now, the gradual Failed State accolade that Sweden is rapidly heading for will be our fate also, it will just take more time.(For the rest of the West including,The EU countries ,USA,Canada, Australia etc.)

  • MGJ

    I recently spent a while on the Charity Commission website investigating some of my local charities. I was not impressed with the frugality of any of them when it came to rewarding themselves. The best of the bunch nationally looked to be the Salvation Army. In general it seemed that Christian and environmental charities were best in this respect.

    My usual advice to those demanding we must help ‘the poor’ is to give someone a job. Ideally start a business but more realistically hire a gardener or a cleaner. The government will steal some of the money but most will go to the right place.

    If you really want to control where the money goes then bung a few quid to the next homeless person or tramp you feel is deserving. You can be pretty confident 100% will go on food or drink and one way or the other they’ll feel the better for it.

  • trever thwaites

    I dont give to to Charities ,dont trust them .I prefer to donate directly to a person that really is in need right in front of me without middle men and women skimming off most if not all .
    I was in Thailand in May , I was walking down the street and saw a lady smiling selling Lottery tickets , she was blind, no welfare state over there like her so I gave her money without a second thought. The next day I walked past a man with a begging bowl , his bowl was empty I gave him money , put it in his bowl for him , he had hands but no digits, no fingers or thumbs. Thats the sort of Charity I believe in .

  • Barry Richards

    Yes it will be another holier-than-thou smugfest from the beeb with no turn unstoned to plug/advertise the cause whilst lining the pockets of another another set of hangers on, with a nice salary and pension from the very generous British public. I agree with Trevor and MSG, give to the needy as you see them and avoid the charity corporations unless they invest at least 50% of their earnings on the cause. I know charity begins at home but that shouldn’t include the charity workforce and bosses. Most charities are set up for the tax advantage but the tax lost costs this country dear. Maybe the beeb will become a charity after the licence fee goes. Nought stranger than Britain.

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