May 2024

Why are we turning Europe into part of the Third World?

Following my blog about maps yesterday, here’s a (slightly updated by me) map of what Europistan might look like in 2050 by which time the continent’s M*sl*m population will have increased by a factor of eight while the indigenous population will have fallen by 10% to 20% – meaning any country with 5% M*sl*ms now will be around 50% M*sl*m within 35 years:

Europistan 2050

In a previous blog I wrote about how Third World countries need to copy a few basic elements of Western civilisation to put themselves on the path of development: 1. Separation of Church and State: 2. Right to private property: 3. Rule of Law: 4. Freedom of Speech

But, instead of us helping Third World countries develop, in Europe we seem to be abandoning the foundations of our relative continent’s success compared to the rest of the world

1. Separation of Church and State This year we will allow in more than two million people who believe that their religion over-rides any idea of democracy

2. Right to private property In Germany and Sweden the authorities have already begun expropriating private property to house the millions arriving into Europe

3. Rule of Law In order to fool the public about what kind of people are coming to our countries the police no longer prosecute and the media no longer report rapes, robberies and murders carried out by migrants

4. Freedom of Speech Has been abandoned due to threats and acts of violence by those who are permanently offended and laws have been passed making any criticism of the Religion of Peace and its adherents a criminal offence (should anyone even dare)

And to end, here’s a heartwarming story from Germany posted by a reader yesterday. Welcome to Europistan!

According to a classified document, the German government now estimates that Germany will receive as many as 1.5 million asylum seekers in 2015, including 920,000 in the last quarter of 2015 alone. With family reunifications, the actual number of asylum seekers could swell to more than 7 million. Separately, German authorities now estimate that at least 290,000 migrants and refugees have entered the country without being registered.

Asylum seekers are driving a surge in violent crime in cities and towns across Germany. German authorities, however, are downplaying the lawlessness, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiment.

A confidential police report leaked to a German newspaper reveals that a record-breaking 38,000 asylum seekers were accused of committing crimes in the country in 2014. Analysts believe this figure — which works out to more than 100 a day — is only the tip of the iceberg, as many crimes are either not resolved or not reported.

The current spike in crime — including rapes, sexual and physical assaults, stabbings, home invasions, robberies, burglaries and drug trafficking — comes amid a record-breaking influx of refugees from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Western Balkans.

With more than 10,000 new migrants entering Germany every day, observers warn that crime in the country is sure to snowball. Experts say that many of the migrants will never be integrated into German society because they lack even the most basic skills to find work in the country. Some are warning of the establishment of parallel societies across Germany in which shiftless migrants are sustained by a volatile mix of taxpayer-funded social welfare handouts and crime.

Migrants are becoming increasingly unruly in their disrespect for German law. On September 11, for example, two asylum seekers from Libya attempted to shoplift items from a Netto-Markt grocery store in Freiberg, a town in the state of Saxony. After the men were caught with the merchandise by a security guard, they became violent and managed to escape.

A short while later, the men returned to the store with a machete and pepper spray, and began threatening the employees. When police arrived at the scene, the men attacked the officers, who fired warning shots into the air. One of the migrants was arrested; the other escaped.

Within hours, the detained man — a 27-year-old being housed at taxpayer expense in a refugee shelter in Freiberg — was released without charge. The next morning, the two men returned to the grocery store, pulled a knife and threatened to behead the employees

Just what has to happen before the BBC et al report the truth?

6 comments to Why are we turning Europe into part of the Third World?

  • david brown

    What we need is a plan to remove the majority of Muslims from the west. We have enough airbuses and passenger ships that can be requistioned .It only needs one country to act to save it self to show the way and save the west. Either the invading Muslim hordes and their demographic bomb go or our countries will cease to exist.

  • Pete Jones

    I think the Italian police have capitulated as well. Especially when they wont even protect their own vehicles.

    African Immigrants destroy Police car – The result of open borders.

  • MGJ

    Foreign policy is the most obvious problem here but don’t forget the contribution of internal policies. You already mentioned a few but here’s some more:

    1) Screwing tax-payers to finance military adventures
    2) Screwing the unborn via fiat currency debt
    3) Disgenic welfare policies which incentivise bad behaviour
    4) Apartheid style application of the law to favour certain groups in society at the expense of others
    5) Censorship via political correctness
    6) A state education system that mercilessly punishes anybody daring to think for themselves
    7) An academia which only tolerates one very narrow world view
    8) A terrified, supine mainstream media

    Our precious civilisation is not in safe hands.

  • peter king

    People often refer to the Book Camp Of The Saints. Yet another book might have got it right. It was by the best selling but now forgotten Dennis Wheatley called Gateway To Hell. In the story Diabolists look to future population growth in the poor world. Their plan is to remove borders and bring about the collapse of the west. In the chaos they will take control.

  • NoMore

    Plan to remove them would have to be a 3 stage affair ideally in concert with other European countries with DA notices served to the TV and Press to avoid Pallywood style propagada of screaming women and children being forced from their “homes”.

    Stage 1: All known terrorist sympathisers/ hate preachers/relatives of IS etc. interned immediately and deported. For the rest 1 month’s grace in which to get a passport/visa and free flight plus some expenses money and leave voluntarily to their real home country (the one they get wives and spend most of their holidays in visiting relatives). Houses and businesses would be bought at a fair market price during this time and the monies given to the deportees. Bank accounts and savings would be transferred to a bank account in their new home countries or wherever else. You had a good run here. It’s over.

    Stage 2: Removal under martial law of remaining M*sl!ms, no free flight or expenses and homes and businesses subject to confiscation except under special circumstances eg dying in a hospice.

    Stage 3: Internment and deportation of remaining people under armed duress. I expect it to be a violent affair by then. One advantage we have is only 0.5% of them are in the British Army and those will have left too.

    The amount of aid their countries have already had should have made them wonderful places to live and besides they will have sharia, mosques on every street corner and no kaffir to offend them.

  • nochange

    No More, unfortunately it wont happen, the UK has been undermined intently for decades now. The young University educated/brainwashed generation of today truly believe that all can coexist in a Happy Clappy Media lead Myth.Thinking that we are showing the way and leading the World forward in the same way Sweden thought that they were.Sweden is now in denial as we will be.Very predictable ,in plain sight to those that care to open their eyes and look,very sad really.Maybe it is the final twilight stage of an Empire that is long gone,lead by our self flagellating leaders that neither understand nor read (if they have ever read) our History correctly , only their bitter twisted flawed interpretation.Yes very sad that we should volunteer so eagerly to be their Whipping Boy victims.

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