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Five billion heading our way! Should we let them all in?

1. The five billion

This shortish (6 minutes) YouTube video of an American former journalist and now public policy analyst using gumballs explains the utter stupidity of allowing a mass migration of millions from poor countries to Europe

2. I wish we had the Hungarian PM

The Hungarian Prime Minister seems to be the only European leader with guts and brains. He wrote:

“Those arriving have been raised in another religion, and represent a radically different culture. Most of them are not Christians, but M*sl*ms. This is an important question, because Europe and European identity is rooted in Christianity”.

At a separate news conference in which he faced reporters alone, he reiterated the theme of his article, that Europe was at risk of being “overrun” and had to shut its borders. The Hungarian Prime Minister argued that European countries had no obligation to accept most of the migrants, as “the overwhelming majority of people are not refugees because they are not coming from a war-stricken area”.

Mr. Orban went on to invoke Hungary’s historical experience as part of the Ottoman Empire, which ended more than three centuries ago, as an explanation for its current opposition to M*sl*m immigrants: “I have to say that when it comes to living together with M*sl*m communities, we are the only ones who have experience because we had the possibility to go through that experience for 150 years”.

“We don’t want to criticize France, Belgium, any other country,” he said, but “we think all countries have a right to decide whether they want to have a large number of M*sl*ms in their countries. If they want to live together with them, they can. We don’t want to and I think we have a right to decide that we do not want a large number of M*sl*m people in our country. We do not like the consequences of having a large number of M*sl*m communities that we see in other countries, and I do not see any reason for anyone else to force us to create ways of living together in Hungary that we do not want to see”.

Imagine Spineless Dave ever having the courage to put Britain first like Mr Orban stands up for his country!

3. Media exploitation of the boy’s death

What is the most predictable thing about the tragedy of those little boy’s death is how it has been cynically exploited for political gain by the Left in support of their mass immigration agenda. That’s the Left for you – let no child’s death go unused when it means you can import some more welfare-dependent perpetual Labour voters and rub people’s noses in your power.

Just think back to the Tunisian massacre of white westerners a little while back. No media-porn of dead bodies lying on the beach – ‘too distressing’ we were told. Yet when it suits the Left’s agenda we get pictures of that poor child’s lifeless body on the beach 24/7…..

Please also notice how the media almost always calls the migrants “refugees” rather than “migrants”. For example, a Pakistani migrant has just died in Budapest. Yet we’re told he’s a “refugee”.

We are being played, exploited and manipulated like the fools we are.

16 comments to Five billion heading our way! Should we let them all in?

  • BaronessBonkers

    Can we get rid of Dave the dickhead and ask Mr Orban to migrate over here? What a media led load of b******s this all is. Cowards in droves, people from different cultures heading our way and now we get that Irish knob Geldof trying again for his sainthood. He has said “a concert won’t do it this time”. It never has. I suggest you sort your own family out first Mr G. Birth control and leaving those in Africa to their own devices is the answer. I am certain that our EU leaders are behind all this swarm of people for their own ends. I don’t think people realise how much of our money the EU spends outside the EU and the presence it has in Africa. Last year I blamed the EU – and the idiot Ashton in particular – for the problems in Ukraine as a consequence of her cosying up to the Ukraine and offering them the chance of joining the EU, thus pissing off Putin and now I am blaming the EU for being behind this swarming for its own purposes.

  • NoMore

    Shame we can’t hire in PMs like CEOs. Orban and Abbot would be worth 10 billion a year whereas Q’moron would struggle to command the Living Wage.

  • Nate

    I find it strange how the father of the drowned kids managed to get their bodies back to Syria for burial. Aren’t they supposed to be fleeing persecution in Syria? Next thing we know he’ll turn up in Germany demanding a handout, still on the run from persecution.
    Still, who cares if Syrians are free to come and go from the country that seems to want to kill them all. The media just want to film women and kids crying.
    I’m sure that the place is a shithole, and don’t blame people for wanting a better life but unfortunately these people collectively have trashed their own country and will undoubtedly do the same to Europe. There will be no end to this until Europeans ignore their governments and protect their countries themselves – our governments are not fit for purpose.

  • Mike Roberts

    5 Billion – 1

    Just told my Thai girlfriend that I haven’t the £62500 cash in the bank that I have to have to prove I can support her that the newly tightened UK Immigration service demands for her Fiancee Visa, she can pass the Strict English speaking test also required together with a comprehensive proof of a long term relationship. Well Peter Sutherland did tell our Politicians that we must not accept best educated Migrants, only the worst will do.

  • grey haired oldie

    when the shit hits the fan in 2016 were will we go to.

    2014 ISIL declared they will flood Europe with migrants an 1% will be ISIL.

    2015 Europe is being flooded with migrants.

    2016 will it be a Syria mark 2 courtesy of ISIL?

  • Stuz Graz

    I agree this is all staged to reduce resistance to importing these migrants. German population is ageing and dropping so I guess the thinking is we need to repopulate but cannot tell the plebs so they construct this charade to sway public opinion.

    I am so cynical now that I even question if the poor child was really dead or he had just been told to go and lie there for the photo and pretend. Next day the photo taken is the main driver of public opinion and Cameron responds by welcoming more migrants cheered on by the prols. It just seems too perfect to me and possibly planned all along.

    Time for me to start wearing a tin foil helmet and build a faraday cage.

  • Chris

    I have just seen a photo of the “refugees” walking to Vienna. Why is it just young men? Where are the old people, the children, the women?

  • Mike Roberts

    Good to see where your BBC licence fee is being spent on promoting. Oh it only gets £5 billion a year, you dont pay you go to Jail.

    Ministers keep jail threat for licence fee dodgers: Report will say it is ‘crystal clear’ that system should remain as it is and evasion should be a criminal offence

    Pro-immigration poster campaign launches across the UK
    By Laura Wignall

    Newsbeat reporter BBC .
    13 Apr 2015

  • Mike Roberts

    Oh and just incase you dont get the point, the BBC link in my last comment was from 13 April, they new this was coming, planned it. A Taxi driver in Riga told me 2.5 years ago that the Italians were trying to bribe the Latvians to take migrants at 6000 euros. Latvia a small country of 2.5 Million with its own Culture , Language and traditions, will be wiped out and become part of the Homogeneous mass as was the intention.

  • david brown

    I am no fan of Conspiracy theory . I think that no Oswald alone shot Kennedy , Diana died because she did not have her set belt on, Dr Kelly killed himself, people who think men did not go to the Moon are lunatics.
    However the intentional destabilization of the middle east , Iraq, Libya and Syria and the intentional opening up of the west to mass immigration seems to be conspiracy. I do not have a theory who is responsible.

  • david brown

    mike roberts re your Thai girlfriend the BBC Asian news web site had a way round this. If you and her as your spouse work or make it seem so by setting up limited company in another EU state such as Ireland than you can bring her to uk . As EU law over rides UK law.
    About once a month there is a story in Daily Mail where someone from a EU state say Romania is arrested for a sham marriage with say an African in UK. So long as it was genuine anyone from Romania in London can marry some one not from EU and that person has right to stay in UK.

  • Mike Roberts

    Thanks for the idea David Brown , I will look into that.

    About the Conspiracy Theory idea, no need , see 28 August post on this site.

    The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, Peter Sutherland, the UN’s special representative for migration said. Sutherland told Peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.

    Now he might be a Turkey voting for Christmas (Am I still allowed to use that word Christmas) But the problem is all the other Turkeys have to go down that road too whether they want to or not.

  • Mike Roberts

    HSBC WARNS: The world economy faces a ‘titanic problem’

    HSBC chief economist Stephen King
    In a note to clients Wednesday, he warns: “The world economy is like an ocean liner without lifeboats. If another recession hits, it could be a truly titanic struggle for policymakers.”

  • Why do the few women in the airal photos migrate to the policed side. are they afraid of the gropings and rape inherent in muslim culture???????? The Hungarian prime minister is a hero.These people have nothing to add to our society. A muslim doctor is still a muslim.A muslim dentist still a muslim An uneducated muslim is a rapist spurred on by deranged imams see Isis

  • Mike Roberts

    Written by someone from Vietnam in the Bangkok post in response to a Migrants article.

    We have seen the unbridled hypocrisy of the western media feigning compassion for these people while in the same situation as outlined above they would react with horror. How will they react when sharia is enforced in regions of their countries, bombs start going off, certain city areas become no-go zones for anyone who is not muslim. These people do not assimilate.

  • NoMore

    The comments under some of the hand-wringing crap the MSM is churning out give me some hope we are not completely brain dead and lost.

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