May 2024

Labour’s greedy, lying, self-serving, careerist scum get a bloody nose

The farce that is the Labour leadership contest gets more entertaining by the day. What’s probably most amusing is that the three supposedly ‘serious’ candidates – Burnham, Mrs Balls (Cooper) and Liz Somebody-We’ve-Never-Heard-Of, plus most of the ‘experts’ and pundits – seem to have absolutely no understanding of why Corbyn is so popular.

The generally accepted narrative seems to be: – after years of recession and supposed ‘austerity’ the Labour Party has lurched to the Left and that Corbyn is some kind of British Alexis Tsipras.

Personally I believe Corbyn’s political views are almost irrelevant to his supporters and what we’re actually seeing is not a lurch to the Left. Instead it’s a grass-roots revolt against the kind of greasy, greedy, lying, self-serving, expenses-thieving, home-flipping, careerist scum that have been running Labour for the last 20 or more years.

Corbyn’s views and policies may be a Karl Marx wet dream. But at least he is perceived as being honest, having clear beliefs and speaking his mind. In contrast, look at the alternatives:

1. Andy ‘Flip-Flop’ Burnham – the ‘mass murderer of Mid-Staffs’. He’s boring, characterless, changes policy depending on which way the wind blows, never accepts responsibility for anything and assumes that, just because he’s got a Northern accent, he should be crowned Labour’s new king:

corbyn 1

2. Mrs Balls – Yvette Cooper – a woman who is married to the financially-incontinent, economically-illiterate, puffed-up bag of foul-smelling wind – Ed Balls – a man who assisted the lying sociopath Brown in wrecking the British economy by spending more every year for ten years than the government took in tax. Yet, in spite of the overwhelming evidence of her husband’s complicity in almost bankrupting our country, this (IMHO) devious, lying, careerist, opportunist b*tch refuses to admit that New Labour ever over-spent because she can’t be seen to criticise her husband:

corbyn 2

3. Liz Somebody-We’ve-Never-Heard-Of – claims to be the heir to Blair. She doesn’t seem to realise that her idol Blair is probably one of the most loathed people in the country and that most people feel like vomiting every time the perma-tanned, lizard-skinned Blair or his (IMHO) repulsive money-grabbing wife appear in the media. Liz darling, claiming to be the heir to someone who most of us believe should be imprisoned for being a war criminal is not going to make you very popular:

corbyn 3

I may be wrong. But I suspect Corbymania is not a Leftist political movement. Instead it’s a moral revolt against a corrupt political class that voters can see is only in it for themselves with their preening sense of self-entitlement and their contemptuous arrogance for the rest of us as they all become rich at our expense. One result of this is that every time some slimey multimillionaire New Labour ‘grandee’ warns about the ‘dangers’ of choosing Corbyn, scraggy old Jeremy becomes even more popular with rank and file Labour supporters.

Let’s hope the Corbynistas win and then purge the Labour Party of the remaining greedy, self-serving Blairite and Mandelsonian scum.

All the experts assume this would consign Labour to electoral oblivion. I’m not so sure. I don’t blieve Corbyn could ever become PM. But the current revolt against the political classes could spread as people outside the Labour Party also grow tired of the Tories and supposed ‘austerity’. Then, with this uprising allied to the rapidly-increasing immigrant vote and, of course, massive voting fraud in our M*sl*m-dominated inner cities, a loony leftie Corbyn Labour Party could surprise a lot of people.

3 comments to Labour’s greedy, lying, self-serving, careerist scum get a bloody nose

  • Chris

    The self styled elite in politics, big business and the media clearly believe we are not entitled to vote for someone outside of the ‘chosen ones’

    At last, a man in politics who’s not going to toe the EU line or just give lip service to Labour’s guiding principles.

    Unfortunately, I suspect dark forces will prevail.

  • Stuz Graz

    I would not be so sure Corbyn could not be pm. He supports putting Blair on trial for war crimes which would get my vote alone.

    And wants to nationalise failed privatisations like energy, water and railways which as public sector monopolies should never have been sold.

    By the time Osborne finishes people will have had it with privatisation of pretty much anything that’s not screwed down and seen prices and salaries for their new chief execs skyrocket.

  • right_writes

    Surely Dave “twoterm” is in the same mould as Blair and his associated mob…

    It would be nice to think that a genuine tory would emerge as the leader of that shitty party… It might consign that party’s bunch of careerists to the dustbin of obscurity too!

    Personally, I would rather see the UKIP march become a UKIP storm and the emergence of a genuine classical liberal party become a reality…

    Rock on Douglas and Nigel.

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