March 2023
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Can anyone see a pattern here?

We don’t yet know who planted the latest bomb in Bangkok. It could have been a political attack on the ruling military government or it could have been linked to the ongoing war between M*sl*ms and Buddhists in the south of Thailand.

But here are a few things we do know:

Thailand – the M*sl*ms can’t seem to live in peace with their Buddhist neighbours and have been bombing and murdering Buddhist Thais for decades

Myanmar – after decades of violence between M*sl*ms and non-M*sl*ms, the Government seems to have had enough and has actively encouraged M*sl*ms to leave the country

Indonesia – there are regular outbreaks of violence between M*sl*ms and Christians and, of course, the Bali bombings were carried out by local M*sl*ms with the aim of killing as many Kaffir tourists as possible

Australia – the only terrorist attack in Australian history was carried out by a M*sl*m

India/Pakistan – M*sl*ms seem incapable of living in peace with Hindus and it was probably M*sl*m Pakistan that was behind the Mumbai massacre of Indian Hindus and Jews

Africa – is now the scene of daily massacres of Christians by M*sl*ms in several countries

Middle East – clearly our M*sl*m friends have no intention of living in peace with the Jewish state of Israel and desperately want to wipe Israel off the map and kill all Jews wherever they are

The West – M*sl*ms seem to loathe the West, particularly America, and are constantly plotting and carrying out attacks against Western democracies

M*sl*m countries – across the M*sl*m world the internecine slaughter of Shiites by Sunnis and Sunnis by Shiites seems to be a favourite pastime as M*sl*ms appear to hate each other almost as much as they hate us infidels


religion of peace


As *sl*m is clearly a religion that promotes tolerance, peace and mutual understanding, I assume there is no link at all between all the conflicts I list above.

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  • joe schmo

    Here is an interesting angle from the author Jake Needham…

    A third and quite intriguing possibility involves Muslim revenge against both Thais and Chinese for Thailand’s clumsy kowtowing to China recently by the forced repatriation of a large group of Muslim Uighur refugees. The Uighurs are a minority group that almost nobody seems to care about. The Chinese, however, see them as a threat, and at least some of those refugees the Thais forced back to China were promptly executed as terrorists. Even if the bombing was indeed some form of revenge for the forced repatriation of the Uighurs, however, the Thai military would never admit it and you will never hear about it. The blame will be placed elsewhere.

  • PamWM

    Interesting to me is how the media in the UK refer to the ‘insurgency in the south’ of Thailand. The ‘M’ word isn’t mentioned. And why is there no reference to the religious affiliation of the killer of the mother (by beheading) and daughter in that Ikea store in Vasteras, Sweden? Why has that story disappeared from the news in the mainstream UK media?

  • NoMore

    The Vasteras atrocity would open up too many eyes to what is really waiting for us in Calais and on most of those boats heading over the Med.

    Speculation of course (what else can you do in the absence of reporting?) but the most plausible reading of what happened there was 2 lone wolf ISIS wannabes went to IKEA to take out a kaffir or two; one carried out his evil intentions and then tried to kill himself, the other bottled it and ran off.

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