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Till we have built Afghanistan – in England’s inner-city slums

Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail is one of possibly only two journalists in Britain (Rod Liddle in the Sunday Times is the other one) who dares to be politically incorrect and give voice to what most of us think but are afraid to say.

Yesterday, in preparation for the BBC’s Songs of Praise being broadcast from a shack in the refugee Jungle in Calais, Littlejohn rewrote our possibly best-known hymn Jerusalem, updating it for modern-day Britain.

I’ve taken the liberty of inserting below Littlejohn’s version and then I’ve added a last verse of my own. I hope this updated hymn will now be included in the Church of England’s new hymn book and that your local church will soon be using this much more relevant version of our great hymn:

And did those feet, in modern times

Swarm into England’s welfare state.

And was the Eurotunnel breached

Because someone forgot to lock the gate.

And so we boarded trucks and trains

As French policemen stood around

Thus was Afghanistan builded here

In England’s overcrowded towns.


Bring me my dole, my benefits

Take me to Croydon DSS.

Give me tax credits, a council house

And free treatment on the NHS.

I shall not cease to demand my rights

Then I shall send for my wife and mum

And we will build Afghanistan

In England’s inner-city slums.


And when I’ve got my council house

I’ll produce M*sl*m kids by the score

And we’ll get rich on benefits

While demanding ever more

I will not cease the Jihad fight

And rape those white girls when I can

Till we have built a Caliphate

On England’s concreted-over land

By the way, in 2001 Richard Littlejohn wrote a comic novel TO HELL IN A HANDCART which uncannily predicts what life would be like in today’s politically-correct Britain. I highly recommend it.

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