March 2023
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Do you believe the “crime is falling” lie?

You may remember that about a week ago this (IMHO) boot-faced, politically-correct, self-serving, incompetent nincompoop Ms (sorry I meant Chief Constable) Sara Thornton told us that with crime falling, police would no longer bother attending when burglaries and minor thefts were reported as they had much more important things to do.

Chief Consttable sara thornton

Well, let’s take the police’s own (no doubt fiddled) figures to see how much crime has fallen.

Here’s robberies: (click to see more clearly)

crime robbery

Not much of a drop there. And vehicle crime:

crime vehicle crime

Seems to be increasing. And violent crime:

crime violent crime

Oooops! And burglaries:

crime burglary

Very marginally down on a year ago. And criminal damage and arson:

crime criminal damage and arson

Wow – what a rise! And possession of weapons:

crime possession of weapons

Going up too.

Not much sign of significantly falling crime rates, eh Ms Thornton? So what’s happening?

This may be the secret to Ms Thornton’s ‘falling crime rates’ – the number of anti-social behaviour crimes being recorded by the police seems to have plummeted, although it’s beginning to rise again:

crime asb

There were many more anti-social behaviour crimes than any other type of crime. So, by recording fewer anti-social behaviour crimes, Ms Thornton and the other products of Bramhill Police College can blether on about “crime rates falling”. But if you take out anti-social behaviour crimes from Ms Thornton’s dodgy numbers, there’s no evidence at all of crime falling:

crime all minus asb

In fact, crime seems to be increasing quite significantly. A cynic might be tempted to call Ms Thornton a ‘blatant liar’. But I’m far to polite to suggest what other people might be thinking.

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  • NoMore

    The reason anti-social behaviour and relatively minor crimes like theft from vehicles appears to have fallen is because most people don’t even bother reporting it any more knowing nothing whatsoever will be done.

    Even with burglaries it’s mainly for insurance purposes you would ring the Police Farce not with any expectation of an arrest and recovery of your property.

    All crimes south of murder seem to be put to one side in favour of revenue-earners like traffic infringements , social work, and multiculti enforcement (going to the aid of “offended” M*sl*ms , and race card playing blacks) and condoning left-wing thuggery whilst stamping out any protests by the indigenous against mass immigration or Islum.

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