August 2022
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Is it time to recolonise Africa?

Here’s my totally politically-incorrect proposal for the week – the only way to save rotten, stinking, corrupt, excrement-covered, overpopulated, starving Africa is through recolonisation.

Africa has failed. All African countries have failed. One of the richest African countries – Rhodesia – once the breadbasket of Africa  – has been reduced to an impoverished hell-hole thanks to the efforts of Robert “I’m worth $3bn” Mugabe eagerly supported by his mates in South Africa. South Africa – once the richest country in Africa – is rapidly heading along the same downward path to hell as Rhodesia under the jackboot of the (IMHO) utterly corrupt and incompetent buffoon Jacob Zuma and his fellow thieves and fools in the ANC.

While 6 million children are born in wealthy, fertile Europe every year, 28 million are born in impoverished, famine-ravished Africa:

population Europe vs Africa

The population of Ethiopia, for example, was about 40 million when Saint Bob did his bit to get his knighthood and the opportunity to earn millions for himself. Now there are 96 million of them:

population re band aid

Same situation in Sudan. That doesn’t make any sense in a region where there are  famines every seven to ten years.

Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of Africans are paying millions each year to people smugglers so they can reach Europe where they will all claim to be refugees:

refugees 2

And as we now know, most of these supposed ‘refugees’ will be from the religion of peace as they have a tendency to throw any Christians overboard to drown.

While Asia is now developing after decades of misrule by communists and dictators, Africa is descending into total chaos and, unless we’re very careful, this chaos will spread and engulf us in Europe.

So, what is to be done?

The politically-correct answer is to pour ever more aid into the pockets of incompetent, kelptocratic African leaders who (as my video below shows) steal three times as much from their countries as they receive in aid each year. “Africa needs a Marshall Plan” the do-gooders claim while never mentioning that Africa’s real problems are overpopulation, stupidity and corruption. Moreover, during the last 50 years, Africa has had the equivalent of ten Marshall Plans in aid and all but the top 0.1% of Africans have got poorer.

Here’s the real solution to Africa’s problems – recolonisation. The skin colour of the recolonisers doesn’t matter. What matters is their mindset and culture. The recolonisers need to have a Western or Asian education and a Western or Asian understanding that by investing and spreading wealth the lives of the majority would be improved.

Most Africans want to live under a Western system of democracy. Well, if we recolonise Africa they can do this in the comfort of their own homes without having to emigrate to a Europe that doesn’t want them.

The ideal situation would be for the UN or NATO or preferably some new international body set up by the developed countries of Europe and Asia to send a small military force into some African hell-hole – the cesspit of Equatorial Guinea, a country rich in oil where almost everyone lives in poverty – would be a good starting point. The UN force could then clear out the thieving garbage running the place, put in proper administration, use the oil revenues to build roads, schools, hospitals, power plants, water supply and universities thus creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and starting to create a new middle class. Within just a few years, the place could be transformed. Then the UN force could move on to the next country.

Of course, this Utopian vision could never happen as those who know better than us would brand it as “waaaccciiiissstttt!!!”. But that’s the only way to save Africa from itself – recolonise!

4 comments to Is it time to recolonise Africa?

  • J Wallace

    Interesting post. Given that the UN is so toothless, perhaps the only hope for Africa is China.

  • NoMore

    Sounds like a fine idea to me. The Chinese have started this process already in a quiet way but then they are not hamstrung at every turn by hand-wringers who hate their own people.

  • Stuz Graz

    The UN is probably not a good choice. They are just as corrupt as FIFA and the same african countries and their useful wet liberal allies in europe would ensure this never happens. Look how easy it is for Japan to control the whaling and kill as many as they fancy.

    The best we can hope for is a powerful tribal leader manages through years of civil war to take control of larges swathes of the continent. Then in their older years with swiss vaults full of gold turns benevolent dictator and returns something to the people.

    Pretty unlikely but the aid industry will not allow anything else and the UN is knee deep in the global aid industry. Didnt David Milliband go and head up one of the vast UN backed aid charities on a salary of $500k pa.

  • Seth Austin

    Recolonize Africa? Only if you’re bullet-proof.

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