January 2023
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Welcome to the Stalinist “Democratic People’s Republic of Scotland”

Please click on the link below to look at a leaflet called Getting It Right For Every Child recently issued by the interfering Stalinist government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Scotland.

(You may have to click a couple of times as it doesn’t always load immediately)

In the leaflet Getting It Right For Every Child, you’ll see a few things:

1. About 80% of Scotland’s population are, if you go by the leaflet, coloured immigrants

2. The coloured Scots are all highly educated and intelligent, the indigent Scots look like mentally-deficient, overweight morons

3. The State is appointing a person (the Named Person) who will check how every parent is raising their children

4. These checks will even go to the level of whether each child is satisfied with the colour of the wallpaper in their bedroom and what they’re allowed to watch on TV

5. If the Named Person believes that parents are not living up to the expected childraising standards (including a wallpaper colour each child agrees with and the TV programmes they’re allowed to watch) set out by the experts of the Democratic People’s Republic of Scotland, the State will intervene

6. Please note the patronising, simplistic language the Scottish Government uses when addressing its subservient and either coloured or clearly mentally deficient populace

I’ve never been to North Korea. But I imagine this is the kind of thing they use there to control their people and ensure that the next generation grows up worshipping their Great Leader – Nicola “Kim Jong Un” Sturgeon.

Please take the time to read the leaflet. It’s in very clear, big text; it only uses small, simple words and it has lots of helpful pictures (mostly of coloured Scots) – all so those who voted overwhelmingly for the one-party state of Kim Jong Sturgeon and the SNP can understand it.

It’s a truly frightening glimpse of the future.

4 comments to Welcome to the Stalinist “Democratic People’s Republic of Scotland”

  • Simon

    Holy crap! You’re right, that leaflet is a joke; & yes the population demographics are skewed to include a more ethnic flavour. The language is wholly simplistic, patronizing & condescending-welcome to the future…

  • brian ferrier

    Thanks to the efforts of ace communist St.Nicola Sturgeon and her ilk, we can look forward to new haggis flavoured version of Pavlick Morozov and his commie pals, who denounced his old dad for hoarding grain, to Stalin’s secret police.Murdered and never seen again, the old sod !

    That should teach a few Scottish mongo parents to put up the Spiderman wallpaper in a hurry when told and switch channels to Square Bob Pants in a hurry when ordered by the “Brat who must be obeyed”

    the penalty will be a strict talk from a professional looking black chick or a happy Paki like the one secretly thumbing a baby in the picture.

    Happy days, happy days. I remember the times when all these coloured folks were forced to take jobs riding on the back of swans and lying about how great corrupt banks were.

  • Nick

    OMG! What a steaming pile of patronising shite. I hadn’t realised that Scotland looked like Tower Hamlets! Imagine that…. Scotland is now inhabited by Down’s Syndrome, wheelchair bound, ethnic inbreds who are also black, and in a little known variant of ‘Social worker holds black baby’ we now have ‘black person holds white baby’! Wow, progress.

  • Will

    Oh, here you are! I was wondering where all the racists hang out these days 🙂

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