May 2024

How the elites lie to us

In the car, I was mulling over how we are constantly being told one thing by the elites, when exactly the opposite is actually true.

Here are just five examples of the lies we are fed day in day out by supposed ‘opinion leaders’ in politics and the media. Then below them, I have tried to show the truth:

Lie 1: We need to build more houses

Truth 1: No, we need less immigration. We cannot cope with 46,000 people arriving in Britain every month

Lie 2: We all need to all fight extremism

Truth 2: No, we need fewer M*sl*ms in our country and we need to get rid of the Human Rights Act and throw out anyone who preaches violence against our country. We should also ban the Burkha, ban first-cousin marriages, ban FMG, in fact ban almost every practise brought to our country by a certain backward death cult

Lie 3: We need to help Africa

Truth 3a: No, Africa needs to help itself by an immediate programme of birth control. Around 6 million babies are born in Europe every year. Around 28 million are born in Africa every year. Africans are starving, not because there’s insufficient food but because their population is growing too fast

Truth 3b: No, we need to cut the corruption of Africa’s ruling elites who steal three times as much each year than their countries receive in aid. If we could cut African corruption by half, we wouldn’t need to send any aid there at all

Lie 4: The NHS needs more money

Truth 4a: The NHS needs lower immigration and thus less demand for its services, particularly from primitive, low-skilled, baby-factory parasites from South East Asia

Lie 5: *sl*m is a religion of peace

Truth 5: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

I’m sure readers can think of many more of these lies

8 comments to How the elites lie to us

  • Chris

    The biggest lie is what really happened to the World Trade Centre buildings. Look up WTC 7 on Utube. WTC 7 was clearly explosively demolished under cover of the attacks. Who placed the explosives, when and how did they know what would happen? The BBC even live broadcast the demolition 1 hour before it happened. How did the BBC have foreknowledge? If you investigate you will be shocked.

  • Simon

    Lie 6: The UK is financially solvent.

  • NoMore

    Lie 7: We need to be in the EU or like really bad things will happen man.

  • MGJ

    To complete a top-10:

    Lie 8: ‘There’s this horrible bogey man called “Cuts” and “Cuts” is really bad’…as spending grows ever higher.

    Lie 9: ‘The way to cure poverty is to give lots of free money to poor people’.

    Lie 10: ‘Government is fundamentally good, caring and ethical and if it were reduced then we’d all turn into savages’.

  • John Alexander

    Great post but you need to recheck the number of births in Europe. Britain alone has more than 600,000 a year.

  • John Fields

    You have countered five lies with ten truths. If the ones in power won’t act on some of these
    very obvious truths, and sticking their heads in the sand, then our future looks bleak!

  • Thanks. Number of European births now corrected to 6 million per year compared to Africa’s 28 million per year

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