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Perfect proof of how political correctness is destroying Britain

I’m afraid I have to pause after writing yesterday’s blog about first-cousin marriages in Britain’s M*sl*m community. If you haven’t read yesterday’s post, I’d encourage you to have a look and also click on the headline to see the comments.

Before writing yesterday’s post, I had heard of first-cousin marriage and vaguely knew it probably wasn’t a great idea. But I had no idea of the scale (55% of all marriages in the British Pakistani community) and the negative consequences in higher rates of birth defects and lower IQ.

first cousin marriages 2

So, I’ve tried to crunch a few numbers to assess the scale of the problem:

1. There are about 750,000 births in the UK each year. Although M*sl*ms only make up about 4% of the population, they account for 10% of all births. So about 75,000 M*sl*m children are born each year

2. If we assume that half of these are to parents who are first cousins or close relatives, then that’s about 37,500 children of consanguineous marriages.

3. The birth defect rate of first-cousin or close-relative marriages is around 6% (compared to a national average of I think 1.7%). So 2,250 of these M*sl*m children will have birth defects. The number would be 425 if there were no consanguineous marriages. So, first-cousin and close relative marriages are giving us an extra 1,825 children with birth defects a year. Of these, 912 will have Downs Syndrome (I have probably underestimated the problem as some studies suggest that 30% of the 12,750 children born with birth defects each year in Britain – that’s 3,825 children – are from consanguineous marriages)

4. I’ve no idea of the lifetime support costs for these children with birth defects. But it could easily be more than £500,000 each. So, consanguineous marriage is probably adding an extra £912m each year to the costs that have to be borne by the NHS and social services. Over a 10-year period, M*sl*m consanguineous marriage is adding an extra £9.1bn burden on the NHS and social services.

first cousin marriages 3

5. Then you have to factor in the costs to our educational system. Around 25,000 M*sl*m children will have an IQ that is 10 to 16 points lower than the IQs of children of ‘normal’ marriages and 1,550 (6.2%) will have IQs lower than 70. Who knows what disruption these 1,550 low-intelligence children will cause in our schools?

In 2005, Labour MP Ann Cryer called for first-cousin marriages to be banned. Nothing happened of course for fear of offending the M*sl*m community. Then in 2008, there were calls for Labour Environment Minister Phil Woolas to be sacked when he dared raise the issue of first-cousin marriage and the link to the rising number of birth defects.

So, political correctness has once again prevented any debate on yet another medieval practice imported into Britain by a certain group in society. Oh what a wonderful politically-correct world we live in.

As the world becomes wealthier and travel increases, increasing numbers of inter-country and inter-racial marriages should mean more healthy children. But one section of the human population – 1.2 billion M*sl*ms – seems to be going in the opposite direction. By encouraging inbreeding, M*sl*ms are producing more handicapped and mentally retarded children than any other group. Nobody knows (though we can guess) how many tens of thousands of handicapped children and how many hundreds of thousands of mentally-retarded the world’s M*sl*ms are producing, encouraged by a bunch of backward, bearded bigots (sorry, I meant highly-respected *sl*mic scholars, I must have mis-typed). This is a problem of staggering proportions and it seems that almost nobody has the courage to mention it.

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