May 2024

Why you should only vote for a ‘serious’ political party

One of the lines we’ll be fed by LibLabCon between now and the 7 May 2015 General Election is that we should ‘only vote for a serious political party’ – basically Con, Lab or (don’t laugh) Lib. And the parasitical LibLabCon and their sycophantic journalist minions will increasingly hurl abuse at and smear UKIP in their desperate attempts to portray UKIP as ‘not serious’.

So, as we approach the end of the year, it’s maybe a good time to look back at what I’ve chosen as the ‘Top Ten Achievements‘ of the supposedly ‘serious’ political parties while they’ve been in power:

1. Trashed the economy and taken our national debt from £300bn in 1997 to over £1.45trn now and still rising by £90bn+ a year so we’re paying over £1bn a week in interest (enough to pay for 2,000,000 nurses)

2. Flooded the country with over 8 million immigrants. Most of the immigrants who work will be costing us around £5,600 each in tax credits and public services and those that don’t work will easily be costing us over £10,000 a year each in benefits and services

3. Pretended the economy is growing by borrowing tens of billions to give to these immigrants in benefits and services plus adding prostitution and drugs into our GDP figures

3. Created total havoc in the Middle East, deposing strong rulers who had control of their countries and unleashing the joys of Jihad which will eventually lead to the deaths of over 20 million people when things really hot up in a few years’ time

4. Tried to start a war with Russia by expanding the EU and eventually NATO to Russia’s borders, breaking an agreement made when Germany was unified. Instead we should be making Russia our ally to fight our common enemy – the Religion of Peace and Tolerance

5. Betrayed our country – handed the last vestiges of our sovereignty over to the corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic, German-run EU without asking anyone

serious parties

6. Fleeced us – allowed the banking, bureaucratic and political elites to loot the country while squeezing ever more tax money out of the rest of us to pay for our parasitic rulers’ greed

7. Robbed anyone with savings – pushed interest rates down so much that savers are losing tens of billions every year and the only chance savers have of protecting their savings is by (often reluctantly) becoming buy-to-let landlords

8. Priced the next generation out of home ownership as the buy-to-letters are snapping up a huge percentage of properties for sale

9. Fallen for the Global Warming hoax and started shutting efficient power stations providing cheap energy and replaced them with ludicrously expensive and inefficient ‘green energy’

10. Thrown tens of billions at the most corrupt people in the world – increased the amount of ‘foreign aid’ money we shove into the offshore bank accounts of the world’s worst kleptocrats from £7.9bn to £12bn a year. Just this rise of £4.1bn would be more than enough to pay the salaries of the 32,400 police and the 39,500 military who are being fired to save money

So, there you have it. Ten pretty good reasons why you should only vote for a ‘serious political party’

And, as LibLabCon have been exposed as lying, self-serving, thieving, incompetent, parasitical fools who have brought our once great country to its knees, that just leaves UKIP

(by the way, donations have now reached about £190)

6 comments to Why you should only vote for a ‘serious’ political party

  • John Fields

    Another great blog. It all adds up to a political shower who have brought our
    country to it’s knees. There is a great need for a complete change at the top.

  • BaronessBonkers

    That says it all.

    There is an alternative and we should not be afraid of taking it.


  • MGJ

    One thing regular readers of this blog and the rest of the UK electorate can probably agree on is that ConLibLib are beneath contempt. So why is the only alternative (UKIP) viewed with fear by so many?

    I’ve just taken another look through their policies and am asking myself, what’s NOT to like? I don’t suppose too many fat-cat Yooman Rites lawyers or other such members of the rentier class would welcome UKIP’s influence but I’d consider that a positive endorsement.

    The leader – charismatic, articulate – no, cannot see a problem there.

    The membership – being a much more representative sample of the overall population and not being obsessively media trained by paranoid minders, they make the odd naive mistake, eagerly latched onto by Guardian journalists. Surely better than hordes of one-dimensional yes-men?

    It’s a depressing thought but I fear the wider electorate actually likes being s**t on by their present crop of masters.

  • NoMore

    The Left in particular don’t like UKIP because its policies go against their multi-culti, money for everyone who isn’t rich, considerably greener than yow narrative. Unfortunately as the Left pretty much own most of the media, dominate Westminster and are so shouty and aggressive in pushing their views forward they have managed to paint UKIP as racist, narrow-minded and stuck in a 50s time-warp fairly successfully to the many useful idiots in this country.

    Personally the Bogeyman has my vote being so far ahead of the rest on every level they barely register with me these days.

  • tony hickman

    be careful not to become like all the other parties – stating things in their worst perspective and giving figures that can’t be proven. there are reports that say for example that migrants are net givers. Don;t knock the migrants, just put in place a good system of control. People will not like you for knocking them. I have a lot of migrant friends who are all giving to the economy.

  • Concentrate on correcting the issues above without causing offence and in plain speak, so all can understand, and are able to follow the direction of travel. This Country, in the right hands can redeem the greatness we have lost over the last 40 years, and make everyone’s life that much better. Just slagging-off the opposition is not going to be helpful and would just bring the Party down to their level. Party policy should be clear and understandable to everyone, and by everyone, making them fully inclusive.

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