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Is Ed Davey the stupidest politician in Britain?

I think it was Mark Twain who wrote something like “nothing is ever so bad that politicians can’t make it worse”.

With that in mind, here’s Mel Smith look-alike Ed Davey


Although Mr Davey may look like a comedian, he’s not actually funny. In fact, tragically for us, he’s our Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. Though, given that the climate is always changing and that there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it, you might as well have a Department for Faeries and Unicorns.

Probably the only positive thing you can say about Mr Davey is ‘WYSIWYG’ (What You See Is What You Get). The man looks like a comedian and a complete and utter idiot and he is a complete and utter idiot (unlike Mel Smith who was a highly intelligent and talented man)

Developed countries need energy, lots of it. In the UK, the energy we require can only be sourced from hydrocarbon fuels and/or nuclear fission. There are no other energy sources that contain enough energy, by a factor of many times.

So by demonising CO2 – a harmless plant-food, by-product from the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels – the global warming campaign offered an unprecedented effective weapon to strike at the roots of western civilisation. Realising the potential, just about every ‘down-with-everything’ pressure group (who would not otherwise have given each other the time of day) climbed onto the climate change bandwagon, and a huge propaganda offensive resulted

The problem for western democracies with their universal enfranchisement is that the thick/gullible voters are in the majority. So, by dint of a relentless propaganda campaign aimed at these clots, the pressure groups influenced our rulers, who always put their sinecures before patriotism and the good of their people as a whole. In the UK the result was Ed Miliband’s iniquitous (and soon to become infamous) 2008 Climate Change Act.

Regardless of the total lack of evidence that changes to the concentration of atmospheric CO2 have ever affected the climate, and despite warnings that the underlying science of the massive and lucrative warming industry was decidedly wormy, our politicians hit on the idea of cutting CO2 emissions by installing wind turbines pretty much everywhere. This asinine notion could only have been conceived by arts graduates with heads in the clouds and brains in their bottoms. Professional graduate engineers and energy companies, who understand these matters, would have already followed the windfarm path if it was worth following.

Wind power is intermittent and comes in irrelevant and puerile quantities. So the National Grid had to be forced by law to use it. But they also had to keep enough real power stations in reserve to power the nation when the wind did not blow enough or else blew too strongly (which was most of the time). Those thermal units needed to be kept as spinning reserve, burning fuel and emitting CO2. So the supposed CO2 saving (postulating that such a saving was even necessary) was completely illusory.

Moreover, the cost of wind power hugely exceeds that of coal, gas and oil, so it was massively subsidised by levies on our energy bills.

Then what did the lunatics running the asylum do next? They started shutting down the power stations that our nation needs to keep the lights on. When the electoral implications of their folly were pointed out – potential blackouts – they then arranged covert deployment of diesel back-up systems (funded from our energy bills again) to keep the lights on before the next general election. And now our rulers have just handed over another billion or so of our money to keep some gas, oil and nuclear power stations available to avoid even worse power cuts after the 2015 election.

So we have a ludicrous situation where a falsified and discredited scientific hoax without a shred of empirical evidence to support it has been used by non-engineers to justify the imposition of an unnecessary and particularly unsuitable power source onto the National Grid for doctrinaire reasons.

You couldn’t make it up! Thanks Mr Miliband and Mr Davey

Oh, and here are some stupid proles (also known as ‘voters’) cheering the demolition of a perfectly good functioning power station in a vain attempt to prevent supposed global warming, not realising that the reason their energy bills are shooting up is precisely because we’re replacing good, cheap power with ruinously expensive ‘climate-friendly’ alternatives

4 comments to Is Ed Davey the stupidest politician in Britain?

  • This man is no fool only the useful idiots who believe this climate change rubbish. Its a scam by which people make money by their involvment often conceled in so called green energy projects . Recall his predecessor Chris Huhne who has enriched himself .

  • MGJ

    Another version of Mark Twain’s saying goes something like –

    To err is human but truly momentous cock-up requires government.

    Think welfare, education, health provision, defence, taxation, in fact pretty much every area that government gets involved in.

    The one thing I’d claim to know about the climate is that it is damn complicated and I don’t understand it. Unfortunately nor does anybody else. But when you are the government this is no impediment to spending vast amounts of other people’s money based on whichever set of lobbyists you give your ear to.

  • Chris

    The Government is not run by fools but by big business.

  • Ayattollahowmany

    Totally support your opinions EXCEPT climate change denial. In common with US Republicans you are 100% deluded by wishful thinking and cognitive dissonance.

    How arrogant to think you know better than 97% of climate scientists! WHAT gives your layman’s bias any credibility? NOTHING DOES!

    So, stick to your anti-islam and anti-PC stand- where you have 100% credibility.

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