December 2023
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Time to throw political correctness in the garbage where it belongs

For those readers who haven’t heard of her, I’d like to introduce you to Brigitte Gabriel. She is a Maronite Christian who was born and spent part of her childhood in Lebanon. There she experienced first-hand some of the joys of the Religion of Peace. She has written several books and regularly speaks about her experiences in order to warn people of the dangers facing the developed world.

Here’s a short (4 minute) YouTube video where Ms Gabriel trashes our rulers’ constant claims that we have nothing to worry about as the majority of adherents of the Religion of Peace are ‘moderate’ (click on the arrow in the centre to view)

(Some readers will have noticed that I’ve put a “donate” button on the website. I felt embarrassed doing this, so I want to be totally transparent about money. It costs me about £250 a year to run this website including hosting and making occasional changes. I’ve run it for about 5 years so have spent about £2,000 of my money on it – including the original site creation costs. So far, I have received about £100 in donations. This is not a complaint. I just want readers to be clear that this is not a great money-making venture and unlike most other people I’m not trying to fleece you)


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