May 2024

Sorry, yesterday I forgot the polar bears

Yesterday the mainstream media was excitedly reporting the latest pile of Global Warming bilge from the gravy-train-riding “scientists” at the IPCC. The “scientists” who have been proven wrong on every single prediction they’ve made.

In several press articles, there was the usual picture of a lonely polar bear standing on a tiny block of ice. Here’s the one used by the Sunday Torygraph:

polar bear Nov 2014

The message to us was clear – ice melting, polar bears drowning or starving. Helpfully, the caption under the photo reinforced this doom and gloom message  “Warming beyond 4C would likely result in “substantial species extinction, large risks to global and regional food security, impacts on normal human activities”, according to a draft of the document”.

Of course, one should never let facts get in the way of a good story. But the suggestion that the population of polar bears is declining due to Global Warming is complete and utter tripe

Here’s a table showing the supposed “frightening decline” in polar bear numbers due to man-made Global Warming. Whoops, sorry. Polar bears are thriving. Their population has shot up from somewhere around 5,000 in the 1950s to above 25,000 by 2005. Some experts even think there may now be 32,000 polar bears though there’s some dispute about this as the “experts” have recently changed the way they count polar bear numbers

And here are 10 reasons not to worry about the survival of polar bears.

A large part of the reason numbers have been rising is restrictions on hunting them.

There is also some evidence that the most drastic declines in polar bear numbers have been due, not to melting ice, but during periods when there was too much ice preventing them reaching their main food source – seals. And some experts believe the biggest threat to polar bears now is that there are too many all competing for the same food resources.

But if polar bear numbers have plateaued, there could be other reasons. For example, there may not be enough for them to eat. Here’s a possible explanation from an organisation that monitors numbers of seals (the polar bears’ main food source): “The first few months of 2001 saw reports of a large increase in sightings of various seal species, including harp seals, along the eastern seaboard of the United States, as well as an increase in the number of seals needing rescue and rehabilitation. The cause is as yet unknown but some of the reasons being suggested include commercial fishing in northern waters forcing seals further south to look for food”.

Oh, that’s something the Greenies forgot to mention.

If the ever-increasing number of polar bears knew that all the hand-wringing, bleeding heart, misguided ecofascist Greenies were predicting their imminent disappearance, I imagine they’d be rather surprised.

And while we’re on the subject of totally misleading photos about supposed Global Warming”, here’s another classic:

cooling towers

Dishonest journalists hope this photo suggests huge quantities of poisonous gases being released into the atmosphere. But, of course, these are just cooling towers and the billowing clouds are just steam which has absolutely no influence on the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.

All this photo shows is that we’re wasting a huge amount of energy as this steam could be used to heat tens of thousands of homes by doing what they do in Denmark and Sweden, pump this steam through pipes which heat exchangers in people’s homes transform into central heating. This is what I used to have in my house in Copenhagen meaning I didn’t need any gas or electricity to heat my home.

4 comments to Sorry, yesterday I forgot the polar bears

  • right_writes

    You are a bit behind the curve David…

    Did you not know that “climate change” sometimes causes unexpected results…

    It has been established by me (I just made it up), that unusual climate conditions is likely to cause a surfeit of hola bears.

    I have got them hiding in my airing cupboard, and I swept half a dozen from behind my sofa yesterday…

    …The stench was staggering!

  • right_writes

    I must remember to switch off smellcheck on my new Mac!

  • Ben

    Pictures like the power station were the first time I ever recognised propaganda back in the 80’s.

    I must have been 7 or 8 at the time, but even back then I knew that all that “pollution” was just in fact clouds with only a single chimney actually pumping out CO2, which should be called “plant food” rather than “pollution”.

    I’ve never trusted climate science since.

  • David williams

    I spent my working life in engineering working for a company that specialised in equipment for the control of steam and energy efficiency. It was a constant bone of contention that ignorant attention seeking journalists, who had little or no knowledge of the subject they were writing about constantly, chose to show cooling towers emitting steam into the atmosphere implying pollution. I commend you for picking this point up, your are the only person that has that actually commented on this! By the way did you know that the first district heating scheme in the world was from the pass out steam from Battersea power station to the flats at Pimlico across the Thames. Oh what progress we have made?

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