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Oh no! It’s another Global Warming “we’re all going to die” rubbish report

You’re probably aware that “scientists” at the IPCC today release their latest report claiming catastrophic consequences unless humans reduce their output of CO2. The BBC are already creaming themselves with delight. So, amidst the torrent of hysteria about to be manufactured by a politically-correct, over-excited media, let’s remember a few basic facts:

1. It isn’t our fault – humans are only responsible for a tiny 3.6% of the CO2 that enters the atmosphere:

– Around 800 gigatonnes of CO2 enters the Earth’s atmosphere every year (give or take a few gigatonnes).

– About 439 gigatonnes of CO2 come from vegetation and the land – nothing to do with human activity!

– About 332 gigatonnes come from the oceans – nothing to do with human activity!

– Only around 29 gigatonnes come from human activity – burning fossil fuels and farming.

co2 emissions

2. No relation between CO2 and temperature – as the quantity of CO2 being emitted by human activity has shot up, the earth’s temperature has remained largely unchanged for 17 years:


So there cannot be any causal relationship between human CO2 emissions and temperature. The “scientists” have come up with ever more implausible theories – for example, “the heat is hiding at the bottom of the oceans” – to try to explain why their Global Warming theories have been so thoroughly discredited by reality.

3. Growing panic amongst Warmists – the more evidence there is that mankind’s CO2  emissions don’t cause any Global Warming, the more insistent the desperate gravy-train-riding, grant-hungry “scientists” have become:

co2 and temperature

4. Over 97% of scientists agree – the claim that “97% of scientists agree that CO2 emissions cause Global Warming” is garbage achieved by a totally dishonest manipulation of the data. Here’s how they did it for those who are interested

5. Arctic ice cap disappearing – there is evidence that the Arctic ice cap is shrinking. But, at the same time the Antarctic ice cap is reaching record levels. As most of the Earth’s land mass is north of the Equator, the change in Arctic ice may influence the climate for many people. But what we are seeing is just Climate Variation, not any overall warming.

6. It’s the Sun what did it – the Warmists have repeatedly refused to investigate whether there is any relationship between solar activity and the Earth’s temperature as, if this relationship did actually exist, then their luxury lifestyle of receiving almost limitless research grants and jetting off to international conferences in some of the world’s best holiday resorts would come to an abrupt and unwelcome (for them) end.

In 50 or 100 years, historians will look back in amazement at how our useless, grandstanding politicians ever swallowed the “Man-made Global Warming” fraud and how the West committed economic suicide fighting against something that wasn’t even happening.

2 comments to Oh no! It’s another Global Warming “we’re all going to die” rubbish report

  • I have relocated to Croatia. Used to live in Croydon England. Greenpeace turned up in the shopping centre with a life size model polar bear to attract people with kids to their propaganda. I questioned the guy doubt if he really thinks its true.
    The Liberal Elites Propaganda broadcaster will allow no questoning of man made climate change from any scientific source. On news reports it always the” consensus among scientists.” Well check out and watch on youtube :global warming or global governance.
    Must of the people promoting man climate change have a vested financial interest. Camerons father in law makes thousands from a windmill he has on his land.

  • Alex

    1. It IS our fault
    As the diagram shows, 439 gigatons of carbon is released from vegetation and land every year into the atmosphere. 450 gigatons of carbon is absorbed from the atmosphere by vegetation and land every year. This roughly balances the amount released and absorbed by vegetation and land every year.
    332 gigatons is released by the oceans every year into the atmosphere, and 338 gigatons is absorbed by the oceans every year. Again, the oceans carbon emissions and absorption roughly balance each other out.
    Human emissions from fossil fuel burning and land-use every year amount to 29 gigatons. This is much smaller than emissions from vegetation and the oceans. However, natural emissions from the oceans and vegetation balance each other out. Human emissions from burning fossil fuels and land-use upset the balance. Only 40% of human emissions are absorbed by vegetation in the oceans. 60% of human emissions build up in the atmosphere every year.
    As a result atmospheric CO2 levels are at their highest level for 20 million years. A natural change of 100 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere takes 5 to 20,000 years. CO2 levels have increased from 280 ppm before the industrial revolution, to approximately 400 ppm now in just 120 years. Natural it is not.
    2. There IS a positive relationship between CO2 levels and temperature
    If you look at the long-term trends rather than just focusing on 17 years like you have done, then you’ll see that as CO2 levels increase so does temperature. Yes, there are periods of variability like this 17 year period that you have identified. But the long-term trend shows temperatures are increasing. This webpage explains it very well:
    3. What evidence is there that “CO2 emissions don’t cause global warming”?

    Like I said in point number two if you look at the long-term trends over the last century it shows that CO2 emissions and temperature increase hand-in-hand. Also you seem to think that all scientists are making everything up just to get money. Where is your evidence for this claim? Do you really think that all the scientists and academics in universities all over the world are in it just for the money? If so you are an idiot.

    4. 98% of papers THAT EXPRESS AN OPINION support Anthropogenic Global Warming
    In the study by Cook that you quote they found that just over 4000 studies expressed a position on anthropogenic global warming. 97% of which supported Anthropogenic Global Warming. They found that two thirds of the 12,000 studies did not give support for or against in the abstract. This does not mean that they have “manipulated the data” as you claim.
    The authors state that:
    “We found that about two-thirds of papers didn’t express a position on the subject in the abstract, which confirms that we were conservative in our initial abstract ratings. This result isn’t surprising for two reasons: 1) most journals have strict word limits for their abstracts, and 2) frankly, every scientist doing climate research knows humans are causing global warming. There’s no longer a need to state something so obvious. For example, would you expect every geological paper to note in its abstract that the Earth is a spherical body that orbits the sun?
    This result was also predicted by Oreskes (2007), which noted that scientists
    “…generally focus their discussions on questions that are still disputed or unanswered rather than on matters about which everyone agrees”
    5. Antarctica is losing land ice, but gaining sea ice. The reasons for this are complex but measurements have shown that the temperature of the Southern Ocean is increasing. Just because sea ice is increasing does not mean that the waters are getting colder. The opposite is true. This webpage explains it:

    6. The sun is not causing global warming.

    In the last few decades the sun has been cooling whereas global temperatures have been increasing. Saying that the sun has been causing the temperature to increase does not make sense as they have been going in opposite directions.


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