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The truth our rulers hide? Immigration is bankrupting us

I’m afraid I don’t understand how tax credits work, but if I’m vaguely on the right lines, then immigration is bankrupting us.

I’ll try to crunch some basic numbers to show how.

At least 7 million immigrants have come to the UK since New Labour opened up the borders in 1997.

1. Unemployed immigrants – of these 7 million, at least 20% (1.4 million) are not in work.

UnemploymentBy Ethnic Group

 Assuming each of these good people is costing us around £10,000 a year in benefits and public services (healthcare, schooling for their children, policing, translation etc), then that’s £14bn a year we’re paying for the pleasure of the multi-cultural enrichment from letting these people flood into our country

2. Immigrants on low wages – now let’s assume that of the working 5.6 million, 80% (4.48 million) are on lowish wages – less than £13,000 for a single person and less than £18,000 for someone with children. Most of these people will be entitled to Working Tax Credit, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction to help with rent and Council Tax. If they have children, they can claim Child Benefit and may also be entitled to some Child Tax Credit. Basically, few if any of these people will be making any contribution to Britain at all. Moreover they will be using our public services. If each of these people uses just £3,000 a year of public services, then they’re costing us £13.4bn a year

3. Immigrants making a contribution – that leaves 1.12 million immigrants who may be contributing more than they take. If each is paying £2,000 a year more in tax than they’re taking in services, then they’re contributing £2.24bn a year.

4. British losing jobs to immigrants – then we have to make some estimate of how many British people are unable to find work as some of the 5.6 million working immigrants have pushed them out of jobs. Let’s be conservative and assume just 1 million more British people would be in work if there was not so much immigration. If each of those unemployed British are costing us £10,000 a year in benefits and services, then that’s another £10bn a year immigration is costing.

In summary, immigration may be costing us £35.16bn a year (£14bn + £13.4bn + £10bn – £2.24bn).

And with almost 500,000 new immigrants arriving every year, this cost will just keep on increasing thus negating any public-spending cuts any government makes.

Of course, you can argue with these figures. But there’s something called the “inertia of large numbers”. Often you can make a rough estimate of something like the real cost of immigration. Then, even if you spend weeks doing detailed calculations, you’ll probably just end up with close to the number you first arrived at.

Our useless Government keeps making cuts to public spending and yet public spending continues to rise. Why? The ever-increasing cost of immigration. But, of course, nobody in power or the media can mention this due to political correctness.

5 comments to The truth our rulers hide? Immigration is bankrupting us

  • parisclaims

    Factor in the costs of the crimes many of these invaders commit, and the extra security needed, and your estimates could sky rocket by a few billion.

  • MGJ

    Our clever leaders have partially got around that one by ordaining that mutilation, child rape and incitement to murder no longer qulaify as crimes. Anyone who disagrees is of course a waaaaaciiiiist!

  • Keen Reader

    I heard Ken Clarke on World at One today defending immigration – but then, he always has cuddled up to Europe and all its works. There were a couple of callers to the programme who put their own, unique, personal views. One UK citizen pointed out how disadvantaged his Czechoslovakian-born wife and their child would be were he to die; both would be effectively stateless. Another recounted how many hoops she had to jump through in order to enjoy basic employment and health service rights in Holland, in marked contrast to what happens here. There seems no logic in the Law as applied to non-UK citizens. I have a French acquaintance, now middle aged, who has lived in England all his adult life, married an Englishwoman and they have raised a delightful family here. He has never been unemployed, owns a house and pays taxes in the UK, yet he has no vote. According to Clarke, immigration overall brings in more money than it costs in the various benefits. I just do not believe it neither, I suspect, do the UK citizens who live in as Kent and Lincolnshire and certain towns in other parts of the South, which are, quite literally, over-run with immigrants who, since they seem to be doing the over-running of the streets during the day are, one assumes, not in work!

  • John Fields

    I think that politicians are convinced that we will believe anything that they say. Ken
    Clarke is one of them. Not only do we not believe them, but we also have long
    memories. Mr. Clarke was John Major’s Chancellor. His record was brilliant. When
    that Tory Government ended the N.H.S., was 15000 doctors short and 30000 nurses.
    Waiting lists for some operations were 18 months to 2 years. But, having said that, all
    politicians stink.

  • Daily Telegraph 5/11/2014 has an article saying that immigration cost the UK over 120 billion. Note you can leave comments on thar article. Suggest you do and post link to snouts in the trough

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