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The great University Fees rip-off, scam, c*ck-up, disaster

Our greedy, expenses-fiddling, financially-incontinent politicians are always looking for new ways to take ever more of our money. One of the best tricks for doing this, without appearing to raise taxes, is to make us start paying directly for things that used to be covered by our taxes. In order to ease these changes in, first we’re told we’ll only have to pay a small amount. Then, when we get used to paying, the politicians shove up the cost.

A great example of this is university tuition fees. Here are the four steps to milking us:

1. When New Labour first introduced these in 1998, they were only £1,000 a year and we were told this would cover a quarter of the real cost of going to university

2. In 2004, New Labour increased fees from just £1,000 a year to £3,000 a year

3. By 2010, fees had gone up with inflation to £3,290 a year

4. In 2012, the Coalition cut taxpayer funding to universities and moved the cap for tuition fees to an amazing £9,000. Well-known jobby-jabber, Lord Browne, who led the Browne Review which resulted in this rise, assured us that very few institutions would push fees up to the maximum £9,000. In fact 64 universities went for the whole £9,000 a year, with the remaining 59 setting their fees at £6,000 and above:

Uni fees

I guess one lesson to learn from this is ‘never trust a politician or a Mandelsonian botty-botherer’.

So, in just 14 years, most students (except for those in Scotland) went from no tuition fees at all to paying an eye-watering £27,000 for a 3-year university course. Plus, of course, most students (except those from poorer families) no longer get grants. So they have to borrow even more money to pay their living costs. Truly our thieving, self-serving rulers know how to screw us while feathering their own nests.

But the funniest thing of all is that the default rate for students paying back their debts is shooting up and soon the government will be getting less money from the £9,000 per year fees than it did when fees were just £3,000 a year. This means our students are running up massive, almost unrepayable debts which will prevent them buying homes and starting families for absolutely no purpose at all. What a disaster!

But as they say: “there is nothing so bad that thieving, lying, arrogant, incompetent politicians can’t make it worse”.

Oh, and if the useless t*rd Ed Miliband wants to get elected, he just needs to promise to cut tuition fees down to say £5,000 a year. That would leave the Tories and LibDems utterly stranded with no response and it wouldn’t cost the Government any money as more students would be able to repay their loans. Ha-ha-ha-ha!

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  • Bernard from Bucks

    Prescription charges and Dental treatment are other examples of ‘increase by stealth’ . I can remember when a prescription cost us one shilling! (5p in Funny-money).

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