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AIDS from Africa will kill more of us Brits than Ebola

Last week Nigel Farage suggested that foreigners with HIV/AIDS should not be allowed into Britain.

As usual, his comments were met with almost incandescent fury by the professional holier-than-thou hand-wringers and opinion leaders. And, of course, once again UKIP was attacked for being “waaaacccciiiissssttttt!!!!”

But the only thing missing from the hand-wringers’ foam-flecked criticism of Farage were any facts.

Why were there no facts? Perhaps because the facts suggest Farage is right?

So, here 10 facts about HIV/AIDS the ever so liberal Establishment doesn’t really want to mention:

1. According to the NHS, there are around 77,610 people being treated in Britain for HIV/AIDS and an estimated 18,000 with HIV/AIDS but not yet diagnosed

2. A course of antiretroviral drugs for an HIV/AIDS sufferer can cost British taxpayers up to £20,000 per year for the rest of their lives. So the NHS could be forking out up to £1.55bn a year for drugs for these people plus hundreds of millions more for medical staff to look after them

But the really interesting facts that our rulers don’t want us to know are these:

3. At least 26,170 of these HIV/AIDS patients (34%) are black Africans. Yet black Africans only comprise 0.8% of the UK’s population

4. The number of black Africans being treated for HIV/AIDS in Britain has shot up from just 9,339 in 2002 – a threefold increase since 2002

black-Africans with aids

5. A massive 60% of the 7,000 new HIV/AIDS cases treated each year come from Africa. Only a few hundred of these 7,000 new cases each year are born in Britain

6. A black African living in Britain is 42 times more likely to have HIV/AIDS than the population on average

7. Each HIV/AIDS patient from overseas – whether here legally or illegally, whether a failed asylum seeker or student on a temporary visa – is entitled to free treatment on the NHS

8. Britain is becoming the HIV/AIDS centre of the world because people from the world’s worst hell-holes, who have HIV/AIDS, head for Britain as they get some of the best treatment in the world which we have to pay for

9. When the world’s HIV/AIDS sufferers move to Britain, they also get benefits and housing

10. While here, HIV/AIDS sufferers from abroad can infect as many Brits as they like and can’t be deported, whatever crimes they commit in Britain, because they can claim that their Yuman Rights would be breached as they wouldn’t get such good medical treatment in the often poverty-stricken countries from which they come.

Oh, dear. It looks like Farage is right and the holier-than-thou, liberal hand-wringers are a bunch of deceitful, hypocritical, self-serving, arrogant scum.

(By the way, it costs me money and time to do this blog every day and to try to bring you some of the inconvenient facts the mainstream media refuses to mention. So surely it’s not too much to ask to suggest that the 8 out of 10 readers who have never bought any of my books show just a little support by buying either a copy of GREED UNLIMITED or DON’T BUY IT!)

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  • ross

    David why don’t you speak to a tech company that can utilise this website for ads to make you money. I don’t know your visitor rate but im guessing its quite high.

    Many companies will pay good money to put peripheral ads on your site especially if your getting a six figure hit rate each day.

    Keep up the good work but time to think outside the box.

  • Sadly, not enough people read my website to make it of interest to any advertisers. You mention “a six-figure hit rate each day”. I wish. Actually it’s in three figures.

  • John Fields

    I remember you saying that after 20 years abroad you found some changes that were
    worse. According to your last paragraph, we have also become a nation of
    tight-fisted gits.r

  • Absolutely agree. I completely fail to understand the thinking of the hundreds of people who can be bothered to read snouts-in-the-trough but consider themselves so “smart” that they can do so without making any attempt to support the website. When the mainstream press is so powerful and so dishonest, we should be valuing websites that dare to reveal what the mainstream press won’t mention rather than taking them for granted.

  • Richard

    Why don’t you just ask for small donations? Lots of other sites do…

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