January 2023
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I wonder what really causes environmental destruction and is ruining our planet

The Greenies are forever preaching that we must reduce how much carbon we use, reduce how much we travel, reduce how much meat we consume and so on in order to reduce our ‘environmental footprint’ and save the planet.

But there’s one thing the Greenies never mention – population growth. While the population of the developed countries is stabilising, and in some cases thankfully declining, the population in the world’s worst hell-holes is rocketing.

But the ever so politically-correct Greenies can’t mention this as it would be “waaaaccccciiiiissssstttttt!”

So, instead they berate us and blame us for the destruction of the environment.

Here’s a ‘population clock’ showing how fast the Earth’s population is growing

(It takes a few seconds to load the data)

Bottom line is that twice as many people are being born than are dying and almost 150 million people are being born every year.

For fun, you should click on the blue “Current World Population”. Then when you get to that page, click on “view all people on 1 page”. Then when you get there, click on “watch as  we increase”.


I think I know what’s causing the destruction of our environment – it’s out-of-control population growth in the world’s poorest and most backward countries – and I heartily loathe Greenies for their politically-correct, holier-than-thou dishonesty and hypocrisy as they pretend this catastrophe for our planet and environment isn’t happening.

4 comments to I wonder what really causes environmental destruction and is ruining our planet

  • BaronessBonkers

    I suspect that you may be reading Dan Brown’s novel, Inferno. Good theory. Cut down world population and we will solve “green” issues. Do that by letting nature cull the world population and not interfering.

  • Sorry, but I would never read a novel by Dan Brown.

  • Simon H

    Dear Sir Craig’

    you are, of course, absolutely correct. Global population is the problem when we all live in a finite space with finite resources. Red List is equally as worrying as the population clock. The two are inextricably linked. the problem, however, is thick, craven politicians & left wing fruit cakes, oh, & right wing greedy bastards who cannot sell this politically to the electorate. No more benefits for the council house brood-there would be anarchy.

  • BaronessBonkers

    Pray tell what is wrong with Dan Brown’s books?

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