February 2023
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What really causes Ebola? Corruption and overpopulation!

Here we go again. Another disaster in Africa. Sometimes it’s famine. Sometimes it’s disease – aids. Sometimes it’s yet another war. This time it’s a disease – Ebola.

The media give us the same old story. Africans are poor therefore they’re starving or diseased or fighting or whatever. As they’re poor, they don’t have money to buy food or they don’t have medical facilities to treat the sick. As they don’t have proper schools, food doesn’t get grown or the disease spreads. We, in the West, have to pour in ever more money to help the poor suffering Africans.

And we’ve been hearing the same garbage for at least the last 50 years. So, let me give you some facts the mainstream media don’t mention:

After the Second World War, under the Marshall Plan European countries were given around $20bn a year (in today’s money) for 5 years – $100bn in all – to rebuild their economies. And this was successful.

Since 1965, when foreign aid really started to flow into Africa, the continent has received about $1trn (in today’s money). That’s $20bn a year for fifty years – equivalent to 10 Marshall Plans – and most African countries are still poverty-stricken hell holes. In fact, the GDP of sub-Saharan Africa is lower than it was in 1965.

Now let’s take Liberia where there’s a serious outbreak of Ebola. Liberia is one of the poorest countries in Africa with a GDP of just $454 per year. Liberia receives around $700m in aid every year. But Liberia’s ruling elites steal around $1bn a year from the country and stash most of it in offshore tax havens. Duh, no wonder the country is a miserable impoverished sh*t-hole.

What about Liberia’s population? Well between 1965 and today, the population of Britain, France and Germany has risen by just 17% from 180 million to 211 million. Over the same period, the population of rotten, godforsaken Liberia has shot up by over 300% from 1.2 million to 4.3 million. Duh, when population is rising faster than an economy grows, people get poorer

Liberia’s problem is that it is a venal overpopulated hell-hole that can never develop as long as its leaders steal most of its money and its population grows so fast. Ooooh, did Oxfam and Red Cross and Save the Children forget to tell you that when asking for your money?

One aid expert explained the obvious when he wrote : Countries are not poor because they lack roads, schools or health clinics. They lack these things because they are poor and they are poor because they lack the institutions of the free society which create the conditions for economic development. Aid has it upside down

There is only one solution for Liberia – make it a UN protectorate; depose its leaders and try them for corruption or crimes against humanity or whatever; send in administrators to run Liberia’s civil service, schools, health services and security services; launch a massive programme to control population growth. Then the country can start using the $700m a year foreign aid to build schools, roads, clinics, railways and all the other elements of infrastructure which will kick-start economic growth instead of letting this $700m pour into the offshore bank accounts of the corrupt ruling elites.

Until we admit the truth about hopeless Liberia and until the UN takes over the country, then nothing will ever change for the better in that basket-case hell-hole country.

2 comments to What really causes Ebola? Corruption and overpopulation!

  • right_writes

    I am old enough to remember the series of famines suffered by those living in India…

    However, shortly after the Gandhian governing party fell from grace the sub-coninent started to emerge from its corrupt socialist morass, eyes blinking in the light and started to engage with the world.

    That should be a wake up call to all the socialists around the world… It is a corrupt and venal system which seems to impoverish the whole, rather than take the poor out of penury.

    The problem for the Africans though, is that they are a tribal nation, just like the nations of the middle east, and unfortunately the west divided Africa in the same manner that they divided the vanquished Turkish empire.

    All the time that they don’t re-organise on a tribal basis, they will never prosper.

  • Mary

    It will take a lot more than reordering national borders to fix Africa. In fact nothing can ‘fix’ Africa and the sooner the West and its bleeding-heart, braindead do gooder luberals realise this, the better off we will all be.

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