July 2024

Angry Scotsman ranting

As it’s the weekend, I’m taking a day off. Instead of my usual stuff, here’s a rather loquacious email a Scottish reader and company director sent to his employees. It seems he’s neither a YES nor a NO, but a NONE OF THE ABOVE:

“At risk of antagonising everyone at this historic time, I felt I should email you all to let you know my thoughts on the referendum vote.

Next week we  get the opportunity to vote to decide whether Scotland stays as part of the UK or becomes an independent country.

The politicians debase themselves by the hour either promising woe and bad tidings if we leave the UK, or promising new concessions to Scotland if we stay, which will only cause jealousy and disunity in the other parts of the UK, should the no vote succeed.

We are told by Salmond that it is time Scotland should rule itself alone and then he has a hissy fit that we would not automatically be a member of the EU as he obviously prefers to have our laws dictated  to us by unelected Hungarian communists, based in Brussels. “ You may legislate on how powerful our vacuum cleaners can be and abolish 100 watt light bulbs, but you will never steal our freedom !”  Yea , right !.

To throw away a successful union that has lasted for over 300 years only to be ruled by a collection of cheese-eating surrender monkey’s does not appeal to me.

The SNP are riding high on the uneducated 16-year-old  “Brave Heart” factor, while refusing to answer even the most basic questions about what currency would be used in the event of independence and also denying the flight of cash Southwards that is already happening, even now. But as long as Salmond can get a photo opportunity with some fat toothless pensioner giving him a hug in the depths of some dreadful housing estate, the man’s day has not been wasted. Even if Salmond’s strategy of refusing to pay Scotland’s share of the UK National Debt appeals as crafty to the workshy and unemployable, it is not a plan that is economically acceptable to our international trading partners and outside investors. Please don’t renege on our debts in my name Alex, unlike you,  I come from a family who were always proud to pay our bills.

The apathy shown by Westminster to this election is a scandal in itself with our leaders more interested in toppling governments in Syria by arming *sl*mic lunatics and protecting human rights for terrorists, than engaging in a constructive discussion about Scotland and its future, in relation to the UK.  This Independence vote has been on the cards for two years and none of our political leaders have done anything but laugh it off so far. There is not even a third box to tick for extra devolved powers as Cameron wanted a yes or no vote to call the SNP’s bluff. A pity Cameron couldn’t see fit to also give us a vote on leaving the EU until the electorate vote him in for another five-year term. So much for democracy et al Cameroon.


It is all too late now, and the idea that the Labour, four-time-house-flipping, tax-dodging Alistair Darling and the corrupt Trotskyist buffoon Gordon Brown are going to be wheeled out by the Tories who will  get us vote no is as laughable as dragging out the ex-chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland, the same clown who appointed the egomaniacal, financially incontinent Fred Goodwin who brought the UK to the brink of bankruptcy, but who now sees fit to tell us he sees a bright, sustainable financial future for Scotland, using the pound even though this is against the Bank of England’s wishes. What kind of idiots to these people think we are ?

While the big multinational companies threaten to leave Scotland on mass and as the oil industry tells us that the oil is all but used up, Salmond’s subsidy junkie, green windmill brigade continue to wish to cover our country with 400m high windmills, made anywhere but Scotland and we are all expected to pay for this with an extra green tax on our electricity bills.

So in my opinion, the whole lot of these political dwarfs, who would be our masters, are a bunch of stupid, lazy two faced lying scoundrels and I hate them all with a passion.

You should not vote because of what you are afraid of, you should vote for what you hope for.

Scotland is a great country, always has been and always will be.  If it can get past the idea that it is now just a post industrialised rust bucket wilderness and embrace the future with both hands it will show the world that it does not have to be a land of subsidy junkies, that it takes pride in paying its way and that it has a strong enough culture to be proud of its ancient past without having to invent one with the help of Hollywood and other charlatans.

Big business has sucked this country dry over the years and the boot has also gone into the ribs of every ordinary family in Scotland in the shape of sentimental socialist clap trap that has also held us back for generations.

Scotland needs companies like ours, small, independent companies with a proud tradition of working hard and rising to everyday challenges that enable  us to make a living  without bleating for special grants and privileges paid for by the taxpayer. We survive because of our own efforts, despite the idiots and snake oil salesmen who presume to rule us.

Scotland is at a tipping point where more people are now  employed directly or indirectly by the state in percentage terms, than was ever the case in Stalin’s Russia. This is the economics of the asylum whether it is a yes or a no vote.  This has to change. Regardless of the result next week, Scotland has to shed thousands of non-jobs in the public sector and encourage companies exactly like ours to rise up and fill the vacuum. It is one thing to look after the weak and vulnerable who need and deserve our help, but Guardianist, social inclusion, multi ethnic, team leaders encouraging one eyed lesbians to express themselves in music and dance who are on the Council payroll at £65 K, plus holidays , perks and inflation proof two thirds final salary pensions can ***k off.

The way to change it is not for Cameron to allow George Osborne to increase the national debt from £700 billion to £1.4 trillion while his pals in the city resume paying themselves massive bonuses of our money and announcing the country has beat the recession. What a joke.

Meanwhile, whole streets where I grew up have been transformed into a no-go sea of Asian and black faces as well as the more recent Poles, Bulgarians and Romanians. Politicians of every hue tell me they are making a fantastic contribution to the economy and will be required in the future to pay my pension. I find this surprising as most of them are unemployed. These newcomers when they do work, appear to be needed to work the tills at Tesco and Aldi to the financial benefit of these multinational’s shareholders as their wages are subsidised by working tax credits paid by your taxes, which also allows them to be eligible  for council housing and rent subsidies to private landlords. Naturally the Big issue sellers go to the front of the queue as they are classed as self-employed.

Here’s an idea! Why not cut our taxes and stop shipping our money abroad to corrupt dictators in the shape of foreign aid, so that we can afford to have more Scottish children ourselves without our households  us sinking below the poverty line? Then Scottish children could pay our pensions instead of the ones from Budda and Pest ?

Why can’t we be allowed to afford to have our own children instead of being taxed to pay for everyone else’s ?

Also, I am not holding my breath on getting my pension as Gordon Brown stole most of it and there are plenty of wide boys who want you to vote for them that will take the rest when the time comes.

So to conclude, whatever happens next week, you should use this time to take stock of what is past and what is to be.  If we were not in a union with England at this time would we be voting to join up with them now ?  Not likely.

The English are a nation of lions who have allowed themselves to be engulfed in a quagmire of political correctness that has eroded the values that we all, in the UK,  grew up with, so that the man with the Union Jack is the one who is now arrested on the high street while his new neighbours burn poppies at the Cenotaph Remembrance Ceremony. Who wants to be part of that ?

And the flip side of the coin is do we really want a welfare subsidy Nationalistic , tax, tax, “we were robbed” collection of failed, never had a real job in their life, bunch of communist  scoundrels calling the shots in Scotland ?

Whatever the verdict, you should take time to take stock and think hard what kind of a country and what kind of a community you wish to live in and be a part of.

When the dust settles and these politicians think you have all gone back to your huts, then is the time to find your voice and involve yourself at a local level with the community you live in.

Go to meetings. Ask questions. Write letters demanding these politicians justify themselves and send their replies to the newspapers. If you can’t get an audience there, write and print up your thoughts yourself and with a few hours spare time  and some shoe leather, you will be amazed how quickly you can post 5000 leaflets explaining to your neighbours why your local councillor or MP is a lazy lying prick.

Don’t be fooled again !

So I will repeat , vote for what you believe in and hope for, not because of what you fear.

Best wishes for Scotland, the UK and you and yours.”

2 comments to Angry Scotsman ranting

  • NoMore

    Good to see some sanity north of the border. Let’s hope we can see some south of it too next year.

  • brian ferrier

    What an excellent rant !

    I wrote this 8 month ago and was so pissed at the bullshit, at the time, I never went back to read it again,

    Having read my own work at the end of may 2015, I realise what a genius David Craig is to have published my rant intact, and what a great ranter I am when not pissed on cheap sherry !!

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