June 2021
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The Pope gets it – the Third World War has begun

At a ceremony honouring the 100,000 Italians who didn’t manage to run away in time and so got killed in the First World War, the Pope seemed to say what none of our *sl*mophiliac leaders has dared say  – the Third World War has begun.

With the latest news from Iraq of yet another aid worker being murdered, we can expect our (IMHO) *sl*mo-quislings  – Cameron, Miliband, the BBC, Jon Snow, Rageh Omaar, Liz Doucet and the other ghastly Irish one (I forget her name) – to be telling us that the *sl*mic State has ‘nothing to do with *sl*m’. Although there is a clue in the name *sl*mic State which suggests otherwise.

Moreover, despite repeated opinion research proving the opposite, our rulers and opinion-leaders continually insist that supposedly ‘moderate M*sl*ms’ are as appalled as we are by the activities of the *sl*mic State.

But here are the results of opinion surveys conducted amongst Britain’s 3.3 million M**l*m community:

  • 30% prefer to live under Sharia law
  • 28% wish to see Britain as an *sl*mic state
  • 78% want the people who published the Danish cartoons punished
  • 68% want British people who insult *sl*m arrested and prosecuted
  • 19% believe the Jewish Holocaust did not happen or has been exaggerated
  • 45% think that 9/11 was a conspiracy by America and Israel
  • 36% are convinced Princess Diana was killed to stop her marrying a M**l*m
  • 56% think it likely that British M**l*ms will become victims of extreme religious persecution
  • 22% agree that the July 2005 London bombings were justified because of British support for the war on terror:
  • 13% can understand why young British M**l*ms might want to carry out suicide operations

The Third World War has begun and unfortunately an ever-growing population of people who are our enemies are living in Britain and are routinely grovelled to by our ruling elites.

Interesting times ahead.

2 comments to The Pope gets it – the Third World War has begun

  • mike mines

    After the experience of thirty years in Northern Ireland you have to ask what is the point of Westminster if they commit another major mistake like this. I say major, it’s colossal.
    Please let the Scots vote yes so the English can have what they have never had, proper representation.

  • NoMore

    Perhaps the ones imported between 1997 and 2010 could be deported to Scotland on a “you bought it , you keep it” basis, the ones from 2010 perhaps to Witney.

    Seriously, post 9/11 it goes beyond stupidity into treason that any more M*sl*ms were allowed into the UK. To invoke Godwin’s Law it was as if Chamberlain had paid for a million Germans to settle in England after Kristallnacht.

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