October 2021
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The Establishment is laughing at our stupidity and impotence

Apparently there’s a new book out this week (no it’s not one of mine) called The Establishment: And How They Get Away With It. From what I understand, the book exposes (yet again) how our masters in the City of London crashed the economy and then used their political influence to make us pay for their greed and incompetence.

I found out about the book when I read a copy of the London Evening Standard on my way home from a conference on Tuesday this week. The conference was about “The Future of the City” and was sponsored by a right-wing think tank (Policy Exchange) and a large law firm (Eversheds).

There were three main groups of people at the conference: bankers from the likes of JP Morgan, Barclays, Lloyds, Goldman Sachs; lawyers from big City law firms and people from the big PR companies who so successfully lobbied to protect our bankers when they wrecked the economy and stole our money to keep themselves in jobs and bonuses.

My take from the conference was that they (the establishment) were laughing at us. They were laughing at us because of our impotence against their power. They were laughing because they had our supposedly elected politicians under their control. They were laughing at us because of the huge amount of our money they could steal and are still stealing. They were laughing at us because their £93m a year lobbying power with politicians and journalists allowed them to fool us into taking our money to preserve their skins.

They were laughing at us because they managed to ensure that not a single banker got prosecuted for fraud or theft. They were laughing at us because there were absolutely no restrictions on the tens of billions of taxpayers’ money politicians handed over to the bankers. They were laughing at us because they could use the cheap money from our taxes for speculation on currencies and commodities instead of lending it to businesses as was the original intent.

They were laughing at us because our politicians of all parties are in their pockets and so we have no power to prevent them fleecing us again and again and again.

I haven’t read The Establishment:And How They Get Away With It – but I saw it in action at this conference. They are laughing at us and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it.

And they’re right to laugh at us – in my own small way with my books like GREED UNLIMITED I’ve tried to make people aware of how we’re being exploited. But when people are too tight-fisted to even buy a few copies of my book to better understand what is happening, then perhaps they deserve to be robbed by their rulers.

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  • Dr. R. D. Feltham

    “The Establishment:And How They Get Away With It” Written by a young Socialist (now only 30) with it seems fairly extreme left-wing views, who it seems like Wasborn and Camoron has never had a proper job in the real world, although he read History at Oxford. Hardly sounds like an ideal profile for an expert to pronounce what is wrong with everything. That is part of the present problem; that the UK is “led” by 3 schoolboys who also have never had proper jobs in the real world, and have never studied anything related to the modern real world.

    Must be a riveting read!

  • I’m not saying it’s a riveting read and agree that the writer looks like a left-wing prat. However, from what I’ve researched for SQUANDERED, FLEECED, GREED UNLIMITED and THE GREAT EUROPEAN RIP-OFF, I suspect I would agree with his conclusions although not with his politics.

  • BaronessBonkers

    17.50 THURSDAY Don’t tell me the racial origin of the man or animal that just beheaded a woman in Edmonton. I want it to be a surprise -but I don’t think it will be. Another nutter.

  • NoMore

    Good call BB. I like how the Met, after advice from South Yorks, are reassuring us all that it was not terrorism and we call go back into our houses (but maybe not gardens). So a particularly mentally challenged ROP convert inspired by videos of beheadings done by a terrorist group suddenly out of nowhere starts running amok through the suburbs – I would call that the essence of terrorism, turning the susceptible amongst us and using them (literally) as blunt-edged tools against us. Frightening and random. Wait till the malls start blowing up. Cheers Tony, Gordon and Dave.

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