July 2024

Who’s in? Who’s out? Who cares?

Hours of media time, acres of newsprint and terabytes of data are being splurged on breathless reports of Dodgy David Cameron’s ‘amazing’, ‘fantastic’, ‘surprising’, ‘ground-breaking’, ‘stunning’, ‘ambitious’, ‘ audacious’, ‘courageous’ etc etc reshuffle of his tired, failing government ministers.

But this pathetic excuse for a reshuffle tells us pretty much all we need to know about our useless, shallow PR PM:

1. There are only eight months before the 2015 General Election campaign starts in earnest. So, isn’t it a bit late for the ‘amazing new talent’ to be brought into government?

2. For almost four of those eight months, our greedy, lazy, expenses-thieving MPs will be either on holiday or at party conferences. So, what exactly are these ‘talented’, new mostly female ministers going to achieve in the remaining four months? Nothing, that’s what.

3. There has been much journalistic wittering about the fact that several new ministers will be female and how talented these ‘up and coming’ new Tory women are. But if Dodgy Dave wanted this wonderful female supposed talent in government, why choose the last few months of a five-year parliamentary term to do it?

This isn’t a serious attempt to improve government. It’s just another cynical PR stunt by our failed PR PM to fool a few more women into voting for Dodgy and his chums in 2015.

And anyway, why do we need all these government ministers? Most of the government’s powers have been handed over to Brussels or to the regional assemblies. Yet we have more than twice as many government ministers as most other European countries (click to see more clearly)


Making so many third-raters into an astonishing and largely unnecessary 51 government ministers and another 55 assorted special positions is just a way for Dodgy to throw buckets of our money at anyone sufficiently sycophantic to keep him on as party leader


So, don’t get fooled by Dodgy’s great ‘reshuffle’ – it’s just another worthless gesture by a Blairite Blairish recidivist liar.

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