May 2024

Immigration – you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Some people might be tempted to think that allowing more than seven million foreigners, about one million of them illegal immigrants, into the UK since 1997 has not been particularly positive for social cohesion. And there are politically-incorrect individuals who have even suggested that this extra seven million people might have something to do with the fact that the NHS is collapsing, our schools can no longer cope, our roads are congested and there is pressure to carpet the green belt with rabbit-hutch-sized homes.

But the arrival of the seven million may be minor compared to what’s heading our way.

One reader highlighted a blog comparing the immigration pressures on the EU compared to the US:

1. The population of the US is 317 million compared to 515 million in the EU

2. The population of the South American countries most likely to be a source of immigration into the US is 387 million compared to about 1.5bn people in Africa and the failed states of the Middle East who might quite fancy moving to Europe

3. The average US citizen is four or five times as rich as the average Latin American, the average EU citizen is twenty-two times as rich as the average sub-Saharan African

This all means that there is massively more pressure from immigration on the EU than there is on the US. As a result, the level of illegal immigration into the EU has doubled over the last few years from about 70,000 a year to probably nearer 200,000 a year.

Europe’s Main Stream Media, education and political elites are under the shared ideological spell that makes it impossible to think the thought that a nation’s character, institutions, wealth, success and fate might have anything to do with the educational levels, inherited qualities and the culture of the people who live there.

immigration july

They thus fail to grasp that the arrival of hundreds of thousands of people a year from the world’s most corrupt, violent, religiously-backward, venal, primitive failed states might in some way degrade the quality of life of EU countries.

Moreover our rulers, particularly the United Nations, are trying to broaden the definition of ‘asylum seekers’ to cover many people who are just economic migrants looking for a better life. While we should admire people who make the effort to move to Europe to improve their lot, we also need to ask now many millions more we can accommodate before wrecking our own countries.

The majority of people in most European countries now feel that there is too much immigration (click to see more clearly)


But our rulers, worshipping at the altar of political correctness seem obsessed with forcing immigration down our throats while they live in their luxury homes, protected from the effects of their policies by their massive salaries and pensions paid for by us.

Immigration – you ain’t see nothing yet.

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  • Molly Goo

    Absolute rubbish. The last time I checked there weren’t any Saudis or Kuwaitis or Qataris lining up to come to Europe. There will be Iraqis, Afghans and Somalis heading here and we all know why.

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