June 2024

Do the maths, Dodgy Dave. You need UKIP!

With just 301 days to go before the 7 May 2015 General Election, hopefully some Tories are thinking about getting new careers. Why? Because at least 70 of them are going to lose their comfortable, well-paid, well-pensioned, generously-expensed seats in the House of Commons. Of course, many will be hoping or praying that they get shunted up to the Lords so they can carry on hoovering up our money till the day they die. But most will not be so lucky.

However there is a way for many of these 70 to cling on to their well-rewarded House of Commons sinecures. The polls are sending a pretty clear message for anyone who wants to see it (click to see more clearly)

 election polls

Because Dave funked going against schoolboy Clegg over the issue of electoral boundary reform, Labour are going to win the 2015 General Election and, possibly with the help of the few remaining LibDems, will form the next government. Of course, as we get closer to May 7 2015, many people will look at the impending horror of Miliband as PM and Balls as Chancellor and Labour support may drop slightly. But this probably won’t be enough to counterbalance the twenty or so seat advantage Labour have thanks to Cameron’s cowardice.

But there is an obvious solution. If the Tories and UKIP were to form an electoral pact, then they would thrash Labour and LibDems. Such a pact could mean the Tories agreeing not to stand against UKIP in say 30 to 40 constituencies, with UKIP agreeing to support the Tories in the other 610 to 620 constituencies.


Then a Tory/UKIP coalition could run the country for the next five years and hopefully save Britain from the certain bankruptcy a Miliband/Balls (actually McCluskey/Serwotka) government would inflict on us.

However, this would mean Dodgy Dave Cameron putting aside his pride for the sake of his country. And how likely is that?

6 comments to Do the maths, Dodgy Dave. You need UKIP!

  • Paris Claims

    I just cannot figure out how anyone apart from immigrants and scroungers could bring themselves to vote labour. I also cannot figure out why there hasn’t been a real effort to remove Cameron and replace him with a conservative. Our best hope is labour get in, whilst UKIP make some serious gains. Labour will wreck the economy within 2 years, and hopefully will have to call another GE, and UKIP will win that election.

  • Paris Claims yes Labour will wreck it in two years or sooner. Also there will probably be a run on Sterling. Labour having previosly sold off much of our gold reserves. France, Italy and Portugal have more. It will not result in a GE its now like the US a fixed term. In our case five years for Labour to complete the destruction of England by mass immigration . On this check out

  • Peter

    While David Cameron pays out £50 million a DAY EU membership fee and £12 billion a year to foreign aid you will work untill you drop..

    Future generations will work longer to pay off Britain’s debt
    People will have to work until they are 70 to help reduce the impact of Britain’s ageing population on the economy, OBR warns

  • Joe Schmoe

    Interesting programme on Radio 4 last night about UKIP’s gains in Grays in Essex. One of the main points was that neither Labour or Conservatives ‘listen’ to ordinary voters.
    Unfortunately Mr Cameron has no clue how to ‘listen’.
    And despite the logic of a UKIP alliance, I don’t see it happening.

  • Paris Claims

    It just gets worse and worse! ( from the Sun)

    THE twin Brit schoolgirls feared to have run off to fight jihad were living in a council house that was extended by booting out a Forces heroine next door.

    Bosnia veteran Dawn Benjamin — who lost a desperate battle with housing bosses to stay with her little boy in what had been her childhood home — raged yesterday: “It’s gut-wrenching.”

  • John Fields

    After reading all the comments and their web attachments I think I will
    stay in bed for the next three years, if I live that long!

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