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Racial differences and the Covid-19 virus?

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All races are the same, aren’t they?

We all know that in a world of woke political correctness there are no differences between different races – especially in areas like intelligence levels.

But some recent research has suggested that Asians might be more prone to getting the Covid-19 virus and more prone to suffer more serious consequences than other races.

(When I use the word “Asians”, I mean people like Chinese, Japanese and Koreans. I don’t mean Pakistani and Bangladeshi rapists from the Religion of Wonderfulness)

Apparently the coronavirus enters a human body through some connection with something called the ACE2 receptor. Here’s a link to the study for any reader who can understand long medical words:

Another study indicated that Asian (Chinese, Japanese and Koreans) men have more of these receptors than say Asian women. And Asians in general have more than white Europeans. Being a white woman seems to be the way to have much lesser risk.

Based on the assumptions in these studies (which I believe have not yet been peer-reviewed) and in regards to the receptor, Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2, human populations where samples were available were categorized by risk in obtaining a dangerous version of the virus. Most ill may not feel more than a common cold, for others Coronavirus can be fatal.

According to this preliminary assessment, the risk of obtaining the virus:

High risk 90%-99%
Japanese in Tokyo, Japan
Southern Han Chinese
Kinh in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Han Chinese in Bejing, China
Chinese Dai in Xishuangbanna, China

Moderate Risk: 80-89%
Not found

Medium to Moderate Risk: 70-79%
Peruvians from Lima, Peru
Bengali from Bangladesh
Sri Lankan Tamil from the UK
Indian Telgu from the UK
Mexican Ancestry from Los Angeles, USA
South Asians (general average)

Medium Risk: 60-69%
Gujarati Indians from Houston, TX
Admixed Americans
Americans of African Ancestry in SW USA
Punjabi from Lahore, Pakistan
African Caribbeans in Barbados
Luhya in Webuye, Kenya
Mende in Sierra Leona
Africans (general average)
Esan in Nigeria
British in U.K.
Gambians in Western Division in The Gambia
Puerto Ricans

Low to Medium Risk: 50-59%
Colombians from Medellin
Yoruba in Ibadan, Nigeria
Finnish in Finland
Iberian Population in Spain
Europeans (in General)
Utah Residence (Caucasians)
Toscani, Italy

It would be rather ironic if the stupid, nose-picking, hawking, spitting, unhygienic Chinese had managed to produce a virus in their Wuhan lab that primarily kills their own people:

Though, as there are around 1,300,000,000 Chinese, 10,000 or 100,000 or even 1,000,000 dead wouldn’t even be noticed.

These studies are still unfinished work. But I thought some readers might find this interesting given that no mainstream media would dare publish such information for fear of being branded “waaacccciiiissssstttt!!!”

A note left by a ‘loving’ wife

And if the idea of the loutish, uncouth, ill-mannered, deeply unpleasant, lying, corrupt Chinese accidentally managing to wipe out loads of their own people isn’t cheering enough, here’s a note I found floating around the Internet which I thought slightly amusing:

4 comments to Racial differences and the Covid-19 virus?

  • Stillreading

    The notion that all races are identical is idiotic. It is widely acknowledged for instance that many Chinese are unable to digest milk products (other than when the infant is digesting its mother’s milk). Evidence is that many Western tribes/races/whatever have over hundreds of generations artificially perpetuated the ability to digest dairy products because of easy access to milk-producing animals. Many Asian races cannot tolerate even very small quantities of alcohol. No one seems to have a problem acknowledging the amazing athletic prowess, particularly the ability to run marathon distances with ease, of many of African descent, with their slender, muscular bodies and long limbs. We watch them with wonder. Of course not all races are the same. They are different and each race has its strengths and weaknesses which undoubtedly evolved over millenia in response to environmental factors. It is deplorable – and tragic from a scientific viewpoint – that we have now reached such a level of “Political Correctness” that rational discussion of naturally occurring variations is no longer acceptable.

  • Jeff Palmer

    Rational discussion of naturally occurring variations has become impossible as a direct result of the Holocaust. It has become a given that anyone who discusses race actually wants to put people of a different race to them into gas chambers, and the further away in time we get from the Holocaust, the more this assumption has taken hold amongst each successive generation. Anyone who attempted to raise the subject at this point in time would automatically be branded a Nazi.

    The industrial scale and ruthless efficiency of the Holocaust was such that rational discussion of race and racial differences is nowadays off the menu even for ordinary discussion amongst members of the general public, never mind in the media or in political circles, and the fact that it was incontestably carried out solely by white Europeans has given an enormously powerful weapon to every anti-white racist on the planet.

    It will be many generations before any rational discussion of the subject is possible, if ever.

  • twi5ted

    I do wonder if this weapon was being designed for either Hong Kong or Uighur regions. If you could potentially target specific races based on their, must not be discussed in polite society, differences then it could be deployed for unthinkable purposes. If this is true then we are talking crimes against humanity on a scale of barbarism which is unthinkable but sadly the likes of which seems to regularly crop up in history, particularly in authoritarian leaderships.

  • Demo

    The “Populations at risk” is a fake image.
    It literally doesn’t exist in the 1,000 genome project, nor does ANY scientific paper suggest one race has more ACE2 receptors than another.

    The funny thing about this image is that almost everyone believes it immediately because of how well made the image is, along with the Science looking tags at the top.

    It’s faked.

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