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“There was a transgender from Khartoum”

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Let’s start today’s blog with a little Limerick I found floating around in cyberspace:

There was a transgender from Khartoum

Who invited another to his/her/its/ze’s room

But they spent the whole night

In a terrible fight

Arguing who would do what with what to whom

Depending on your viewpoint, the above is mildly humorous or a vicious ‘hate crime’ or perhaps just a ‘non-crime hate incident’.

The ‘crimes’ of Harry Miller?

You’ve probably now all heard of the case brought by the police against Harry Miller. Miller, a former police officer and a shareholder in a plant and machinery company in Lincolnshire, was prosecuted for a “non-crime hate incident” a series of allegedly disobliging comments he had tweeted about transgender issues. Miller, described as intelligent and highly educated with a number of degrees, tweeted a series of comments, some of which were possibly satirical and profane, about transgender issues and definitions.

These came to the attention of one Mrs B, who described herself as a “post-operative transgender lady” and who took offence. Accordingly, she reported Miller to Humberside police, describing him as a “bigot” who “eighty years ago … would have been making the same comments about Jewish people” (a remark described by the judge as “at the outer margins of rationality”) or in different times about gay, black or Asian people.

The judge found that Mrs B’s characterisation of what Miller had tweeted was not accurate. Nevertheless, Humberside police recorded what he had done as a “non-crime hate incident”. Despite the fact that at no stage did they hold that Miller had committed any crime, they created a document called a “Crime Report Print”, and referred to Mrs B throughout as “the victim” and Miller as “the suspect”.

They stated that Miller’s comments were “designed to cause deep offence and show his hatred for the transgender community” – a claim for which, says the judge, there was no evidence.

A police officer, PC Gul, visited Miller’s place of work. Upon finding him out, he left his card with a company director and asked for Miller to call him. In a subsequent phone call, Gul told Miller his tweets had upset “members of the transgender community” – although there was no evidence of anyone other than Mrs B being upset – and that a lyric about silicone breasts that Miller had tweeted had come closest to being a crime. According to Miller, this exchange then followed:

“I informed PC Gul that I was not the author of the verse and that it was simply expressing in verse the sense of imbalance of power between the sexes in the context of transgenderism. He said by Liking and Retweeting it on Twitter, I was promoting Hate. I again asked for, and received, confirmation that neither the verse, nor any of the other alleged 30 tweets, were criminal. I then asked PC Gul why he was wasting my time. PC Gul said ‘I need to check your thinking’.

I replied: ‘So, let me get this straight, I’ve committed no crime. You’re a police officer. And you need to check my thinking ?’ PC Gul answered: ‘Yes’. I said, ‘Have you any idea what that makes you ? ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ is a dystopian novel, not a police training manual.’”

Miller went on:

“PC Gul explained that, on the basis of the third party complaint, a Hate Incident Record would be generated, regardless of there being no crime nor any evidence of hate. He warned me that continuing to tweet Gender critical content could count as an escalation from non crime to crime, thus prompting further police intervention.”

Got that? A non-crime can morph into a crime simply by virtue of the non-crime being committed on multiple occasions. But then came this:

“… Finally, PC Gul offered his final words of advice, words that I will never forget as I was so stunned by them. He said, ‘You have to understand, sometimes in the womb, a female brain gets confused and pushes out the wrong body parts, and that is what transgender is. I replied, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me. Wrong body parts? You have to know that is absolute bullshit. Is this really the official police line?’

PC Gul said, ‘Yes, I have been on a course.’

And back to today’s Poetry Corner

Here’s one I’ve just written:

A randy transgender from Khartoum

Invited another for boom boom

But they got into a debate

About how to mate

And there was no boom boom that night in Khartoum

And another from my poetic pen:

A transgender family from Inverness

Got into a terrible mess

Janet/Jock took as ze’s lover

Ze’s sister who was also ze’s brother

What happened next? I’ll leave you to guess

10 comments to “There was a transgender from Khartoum”

  • Hardcastle

    Does PC Gul actually exist or is it short for PC Gullible.Isnt he/she/? Just the slightest bit embarrassed to be associated with this drivel.What does it tell us about (as if we did not already know) the state of our police,prosecution service and our country that this nonsense even happened in the first place never mind going to court.How many desks did this cross,belonging to highly qualified,highly paid individuals and why didn’t at least one of them have the intelligence and the courage to say no.I think I know why.All those in positions of authority and influence have attained these positions through accepting the party line.To challenge and question even absurdities such as this is career suicide.To turn this around will need political will on a level I do not see in this country.The silent majority are crying out for leadership which challenges this nonsense and actually takes some action to reverse it.Do you see this happening?

  • Hardcastle

    Not even the late and great Peter Simple could have invented such nonsense even in jest.Well,yes he could,but at that time it was just satire and no one really thought it might become reality.That it has indeed become reality emphasises the corruption of our educational and political establishments.

  • A Thorpe

    How did we end up in this lunatic asylum?

  • William Boreham

    I take an interest in certain sports and these fruitcakes have infiltrated some of them to the extent that those in charge, instead of telling them to go jump in a lake, have actually allowed males who claim to be female, compete against real women in women’s sport. Sports where the women are regularly tested for drug taking and where if they were caught with a fraction of the level of testosterone those transgender freaks get away with – would be instantly banned from competing in that sport. I notice it is the poor women athletes who are obliged to accept this outrageous travesty, I have yet to find a case where a female who ‘identified’ herself as male, has successfully competed with the men in any male sport.

  • Jeff Palmer

    Tho occupants of our remaining Police stations are no longer policemen. They are politicians in uniform. A species the world has had very good cause to be afraid of, over the last two centuries.
    In the Met, we currently have a head of anti-terror policing by the name of Assistant Commissioner Anil Kanti ‘Neil’ Basu. Who blithely informs the people whose protection he is paid to ensure that terrorism is all the fault of ‘our’ society. And that ‘far-right extremism is a growing problem’.
    I am quite sure that this gentleman, along with other similar uniformed products of the ‘Common Purpose’ course in applied Marxism, would consider Harry Miller to be one of the aforementioned ‘Far-Right Extremists’.
    However, I am at a loss to recall just how these uniformed propagandists somehow managed to acquire the powers to make up for themselves these new ‘Hate’ crimes.
    I have seen much online praise, from supposedly intelligent Right-wingers, of our latest Home Secretary, despite the fact that the only constructive thing she has managed to do in the seven months of her term is deport a handful of violent West Indian criminals. Yet she has done nothing at all about the extremely serious problem of all the highly dangerous Marxist ‘Common Purpose’ politicians in positions of power throughout the police services of the UK.

  • Dafydd

    Clearly today’s policemen, policewoman or whatever we are supposed to call them nowadays, have got their priorities all wrong. Whilst they concentrate on so called ‘hate crimes’, they no longer deal with the issues you and I would like them to deal with. Things like thefts and burglaries. We are told if the theft is valued under a certain amount (usually shoplifting) the police will no longer deal with these matters. Even if the shop staff have detained the culprit. The police rarely send officers to investigate a burglary from a dwelling, to see if there is any evidence to trace the burglar. No scenes of crime officers, or crime scene investigators attend the scene to look for fingerprints, DNA or whatever. Yet our illustrious police leaders arrange for officers to attend training courses so they can check people’s thinking following a tweet. I am astounded at how many of those who attain high rank in the police lack common sense. If I say the lunatics have taken over the asylum, is that deemed to be a ‘hate crime’?

  • twi5ted

    From the ONS guidance:

    “Transitioning can also involve legally changing gender under the Gender Recognition Act 2004, which allows trans people to obtain a new birth certificate showing their new name and sex. It is important to note that the law in the UK treats the terms sex and gender as interchangeable. This is shown by the Gender Recognition Act allowing someone who is changing their gender to change the sex marker on their birth certificate”.

    So UK makes no legal distinction between sex and gender. But presumably there is a difference between somebody that has legally transitioned and one that has not. How do we know who has and who has not? If then a person has legally transitioned and wins a gold medal in the olympics they are legally that sex regardless of biology. So is it ok to call a transgender a man or a woman if they have not legally transitioned and so not a non crime hate incident? Very confusing and very little guidance.

  • A Thorpe

    Twi5ted – how do we know who is who? If in doubt take an early test run, as the limerick.

  • david brown

    totally off topic website has an interesting article re coronavirus-Not one non-east Asian Death.

  • A Thorpe

    There is an article by Harry Miller and an amusing article about Dawn Butler saying babies are born without sex in The Spectator. I also saw a Tony Heller video about climate change with a reference to 60 writers, politicians and academics signing to say they would not take part in any debate with anybody who denied climate change. Caroline Lucas and Clive Lewis both signed it. So free speech is now banned when they are in a room. Who votes for these morons?

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