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Why won’t the BBC tell us about the joys of multi-culturalism?

(Tuesday blog)

I’m always amazed (not) that the Izlumophiliac BBC and C4 News and other mainstream media ‘forget’ to bring us stories about the success of multi-culturalism in other European countries. Today, let’s focus on Germany:

Train train – running off the tracks

A regional express train was travelling at approximately 100 km per hour in the direction of the holiday island of Sylt, when passengers heard a loud bang. The train had hit two 80 kilos concrete blocks. The driver, who had been unable to see the concrete slabs, immediately stopped the train and activated the emergency alarm. The train was damaged in the incident.

Although neither the driver nor the passengers of the train saw the perpetrators, they managed to place more concrete slabs on the tracks after the incident:

Bundespolizei Flensburg

Earlier this year German and Austrian authorities arrested an Iraqi man suspected of committing “terrorist attacks” by sabotaging railway lines in 2018. The man was suspected of having strung a steel rope across the tracks running between the southern German cities of Munich and Nuremberg, damaging the front window of a high speed ICE train in October last year. In another case in December last year, cement blocks were put on the tracks. Islamic State (IS) flags and writings in Arabic were found near the crime scenes.

Another chap with ‘mental health’ problems?

A 17-year-old girl was attacked and injured last Thursday by a man with a knife. The girl was walking on a dirt road near the street Entenstraße in Allmersbach am Weinberg around 10.40 p.m. when a 21-year-old man approached her. The man had a knife with him and dragged the young woman into an adjacent field. The victim resisted and called for help. As she defended herself, she was injured on her hands by the knife. When a local resident became aware of the cries for help and approached the scene of the crime with a car, the attacker – 21-year-old Afghan asylum seeker – let go of his victim and fled. The 21-year-old Afghan was later spotted by the police at home. At the request of the public prosecutor’s office in Stuttgart, an arrest warrant was obtained the following day from the Stuttgart district court. The suspect was reported to be mentally handicapped, which is why he was admitted to a psychiatric ward to determine his guilt. Investigations into the incident, in particular into the motives for it, are continuing.

Christians not welcome?

According to a new report from a watchdog on anti-Christian incidents, between April and June Germany saw thirty anti-Christian attacks ranging from thefts to arson. The data was compiled by the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe, who noted around 30 separate incidents between April 1st and June 10th published on the group’s website.

A large number of the cases involved various forms of vandalism, including an incident at the Lutheran Nikolaikirche in Caldern in which the attackers set fire to the hymn book and Bible at the altar of the church, and also left faeces on a bench outside of the church and at the entrance.

Rapey Rapey?

In May 2018 Susanna F. (14 years old) was raped, strangled and buried, Ali Bashar (22 years old) – a so-called “refugee” from Iraq – is on trial. Amazingly, in this case a psychiatric report shows that the accused is presumed to be fully responsible and doesn’t have the usual ‘mental health’ problems. No doubt he’ll get a short prison sentence and then be allowed to stay in Germany living off benefits and criminality for the rest of his worthless life.

Merkel’s job application?

I could go on and on and on with the attacks on Christians and Jews, the rapes, the stabbings, the drug-dealing, the robberies and all the other criminality Merkel’s migrant millions have brought to German cities and towns. But what’s the point? We all know it’s happening.

As a reward for her ‘humanitarianism’ in allowing millions of gimmegrants and rapefugees into her country, Merkel will probably be given a big international job like next head of the United Nations.

Ordinary Germans will have to pay the price of Merkel’s ‘job application’.

5 comments to Why won’t the BBC tell us about the joys of multi-culturalism?

  • Mark

    I really do wonder how much enrichment we can take. The other problem with “enrichment” and “vibrancy” is that it costs a lot a money. I really do wonder what will happen when the printing press runs out of ink as we’ve only had vibrancy in the good times.

  • William Boreham

    I’m totally baffled by the situation in Germany. In my living memory, they had the greatest warriors in modern history when their SS Panzer Divisions fought against huge odds time and time again, not to mention other formations like their paratroops fighting at Cassino. Did they ALL die? It seems the modern generation of German men can’t even protect their womenfolk and sit back silent as Merkel flood the country with what they used to describe as ‘untermenschen’ It’s like looking around at our snowflake generation and thinking to oneself, are these really the descendants of those who once governed half the world? – not to mention establishing the modern world we live in. Oh, and I see from all the adverts on TV these days, we have become a nation of mixed-race couples.

  • Philip

    For the last week I have been in that cultural oasis known as the Czech Republic at a medieval/renaissance/music festival.It was called the ‘Five-petalled rose celebrations’ You can check it out on line. Endless medieval bands/choirs/dancers/artists all of a high quality. Not forgetting Czech beer and firelit night processions. And I will be sexist, Czech women are not half bad either. Pity the wife was with me. (Ok, I’m now banned from Sweden forever for that comment)How many thousands of people visited during that week I don’t know but many(I never heard an English voice,American yes) And my point? I saw no rowdy drunkeness although you could drown in Budweiser beer (local brewery)although plenty of high spirits. I only saw two policemen walk through the ‘UNESCO world heritage town’ in a whole week. England where hast thou gone?

  • leila

    Phillip all white faces? bet they were.

  • Philip


    There was a distinct absence of diversity amongst the Czech participants and with the exception of very orderly, neat and tidy, well dressed, snap happy Chinese tourists, very little amongst the visitors.

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