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It’s hot! It’s hot! We’re all going to die!

(weekend blog)

I’m obviously not a ‘climate scientist’. So I don’t get huge grants for claiming that humans are responsible for Global Warming or Climate Change or Climate Crisis or Climate Breakdown or Climate Extinction or whatever it’s called this week.

What I have understood is that when it’s unusually cold – like when we had the ‘Beast from the East’ last winter – this is used by the eco-loons as incontrovertible evidence that we’re experiencing Climate Change that results in more extreme weather events. But when we have a hot period, like at the moment, this is used by the eco-loons as incontrovertible proof that we’re experiencing Global Warming. And, of course, the BBC reliably informs us that human activity is responsible for this warming (totally ignoring the fact that we’ve had at least three other major warming periods since the last ice age about 10,000 years ago):

Anyway, here to put the current warming in to context is Tony Heller.

Apparently the European heatwave of 1947 was much worse than anything we’re experiencing now. Though you wouldn’t know that if you got your news from the mainstream media.

I apologise that his videos are a bit monotonous. But I guess that the truth can seem a bit boring when compared to the breathless hyperventilating panic of attention-seeking supposed ‘journalists’ desperate to advance their careers:

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  • Stillreading

    Not monotonous at all. On the contrary, very informative. I certainly didn’t know about past heatwaves in Europe and the States or about the drying up of major European rivers in the Middle Ages. I did know that the first visitation of the Black Death to Europe around 1315 is believed to have killed so many because the population was fatally weakened following several disastrously cold, wet European growing seasons and consequent starvation. Mr Heller makes reference to history, something of which the majority of current broadcast media reporters seem woefully ignorant. Some of your readers are probably, like me, just about old enough to remember the excruciatingly cold winter of 1947 (no central heating, coal still rationed, flannels and dishcloths frozen to the taps!) and of course 1963, when subterranean water supply pipes froze even in the South of England, rendering entire conurbations waterless. Then there were the extraordinarily hot summers of 1975 and 76. In short, it’s all happened before! It’s just that thanks to modern communications we all now know what’s happening worldwide. (Just as we all know about Boris’s salacious personal life, whereas in the early 60s no one save the White House inner circle knew what JFK got up to. In neither instance is such knowledge of any relevance to professional competence.) So let’s enjoy this lovely heat and sunshine while it lasts, because it’ll be of limited duration and what’s the betting that in six month’s time we’ll be hearing how we are all responsible for the latest bout of heavy rain, or a few inches of snow, or unusually heavy frosts or whatever………..

  • A Thorpe

    The data on deaths due to cold and hot weather shows that there are significantly more deaths in cold weather and this is true in every country. It is also true that most people have an underlying health problem. Details of recent deaths are a bit sketchy but all seem to be people out in the hot sun then going into cold water. You might say it is stupidity, not the heat. It is too hot, so they head to the hottest place. In winter the main reason for deaths are that people cannot afford to heat their homes in the cold weather. The media don’t blame the cold temperatures for this, they turn it into a political issue and blame the Tory party for cutting benefits. The irony is that warmer temperatures due to climate change are why human civilisation has made so much progress. The next ice age will reverse this.

    We will have more fires but many will be started by humans. The reason we have more fires is that we are better at putting them out. Small fires are put out and so all the dead material builds up and then eventually a fire will be too large to put out. Some trees actually need a fire to enable their seeds to germinate because they are covered in a resin which has to be melted to enable germination. We often use controlled burning in agriculture to promote new growth. I believe this happens every year in the New Forest.

    To pick up on a point made by Stillreading regarding Boris, does anybody still remember Blair when PM refusing to say if his child had been given the MMR vaccination. It was OK for him to want privacy but the result was that people assumed the child had not been vaccinated and it made the MMR take up lower. The Boris issue has no impact on us, Blair did.

  • Stillreading

    No, I don’t recall Bliar and the MMR jab. Another sin to add to his account then! How CAN modern parents be so stupid? Don’t they know how potentially disabling or ultimately fatal a disease measles is? Don’t they know how many children were born deaf or blind because their mothers contracted rubella during pregnancy or how many males became infertile through mumps complications? Another example of the Libtard Western young courting their own demise I suppose!

  • William Boreham

    Oddly enough, I can’t remember the heat wave of 1947. When I recall 47, I remember what a terribly bitter cold winter it was, especially with food rationing worse than during the War and coal stocks not being distributed due to the frozen conditions – and coal fires were our only form of heating back then. I seem to remember a very warm summer in 1976 was it? But all in all, the weather hasn’t changed much, if at all, from when I was a nipper in the 30’s, some good summers, some bad summers, some pleasant mild winters, some freezing ones like 63 when they were forecasting a new Ice Age on the way.

  • A Thorpe

    I have just found this view from H.L. Mencken, perhaps it explains everything about modern life: “The one permanent emotion of the inferior man, as of all the simpler mammals, is fear—fear of the unknown, the complex, the inexplicable. What he wants beyond everything else is safety. His instincts incline him toward a society so organized that it will protect him at all hazards, and not only against perils to his hide but also against assaults upon his mind—against the need to grapple with unaccustomed problems, to weigh ideas, to think things out for himself, to scrutinize the platitudes upon which his everyday thinking is based.”

  • A Thorpe

    David, you say you are not a climate scientist, but neither is Al Gore but it didn’t stop him getting involved and promoting nonsense with his mates Michael Mann and James Hanson.

    If you want a good summary this testimony is as good as any:

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