October 2022
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How to be really politically correct

In today’s increasingly politically-correct world, some people may be confused about what they should be approving and what should send them into paroxysms of social-media-inspired fury and outrage.

After all, the slightest deviation from the new religion of political correctness can lead to a Twitterstorm that can destroy your reputation, career and even life.

So, as part of our duty to educate and inform our dwindling number of readers, snouts-in-the-trough will bring an occasional series explaining how to be so politically correct that your friends will gasp in amazement at how progressive and liberal you are. And, the more politically correct you are, the more successful you will be – especially if you work for the BBC or Channel 4.

So, here’s our first guide to political correctness:

pc guide 1

pc guide 2

pc guide 3

pc guide 4

1 comment to How to be really politically correct

  • MGJ

    There may be small, tentative signs of improvement. E.g. for decades it seems that anybody gay simply had no choice but to be a lefty. I’ve heard people report that coming out as gay was easy compared with admitting to being a Tory/Republican.

    But now the left has a problem: “radical” m*sl*ms hate gays and like killing them so there’s a choice to be made. I know which I prefer but, particularly following the Orlando massacre, the left seems to have opted for the Moozies. Perhaps in response there now seems to be a much broader range of ideas being expressed by the gay community with “Twinks for Trump” and other groups appearing on the internet. Of course there is plenty of hatred directed their way but we are actually seeing diversity (not the sort the left like though!).

    Likewise with the left’s apparent determination to decriminalise rape (“the hot weather is to blame”, “she dressed provocatively”, “not listening, it never happened” etc.) perhaps women may question whether their interests are best served by progressives.

    If a majority of blacks ever question whether Big government, as advocated by the left is what they need then there will be trouble indeed. So far Government has given them slavery and apartheid; the Democrats gave them the KKK and ‘Jim Crow’ segregation; and the left in general gave them family breakdown and welfare ghettoes.

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