May 2024

The ‘New Swiss’ love under-age girls. So do the ‘New Brits’.

I guess there are two kinds of Swiss – the ones who have been living there for generations and the new arrivals from some of the world’s more ‘exotic’ countries.

Anyway, as the number of immigrants into Switzerland has increased so have the number of forced under-age marriages.

In Switzerland, the number of forced under-age marriages has jumped since 2015 to five times the number reported in the last decade. In the last year 119 cases were reported. That’s a little over one every three days, and nearly 22% involved girls under 16. The minimum age of marriage is 18 in Switzerland. Most of the girls involved in under-age marriages are from Iraq, Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan and Somalia.

In addition to similar forced, under-age marriages also rapidly increasing in the UK, another troubling pattern was reported last year: a rise in so-called ‘Sharia Marriages’ of which two-thirds were polygamous.

There are reportedly 100,000 such marriages that are unrecognized under UK laws, and the women in them have no rights. But we don’t hear leftist, progressive feminists and bleeding-heart liberals crying foul about this; our politicians (desperate for the immigrant vote) seldom mention this problem; nor are human rights groups intervening to put a stop to outrageously abusive practices like under-age marriages and polygamy:

child marriage 2

Sharia marriages are apparently very easy to pull off. A lawyer specializing in Sharia law noted: “people can have a secret Nikah (Islamic ‘marriage’ ceremony) and no one will know about it”.

So, if you see a bunch of young girls in a new neighbour’s house, they might be his daughters. Or they might be his wives. Who knows?

child marriage 1

Don’t you just love Britain’s multi-cultural diversity?

5 comments to The ‘New Swiss’ love under-age girls. So do the ‘New Brits’.

  • NoMore

    In Italy the “New Italians” are already demanding polygamy be legalised seeing as how marriage in the traditional Christian sense (i.e. one man – one woman in the eyes of God) has been totally devalued by gay marriage. You can almost see their point. If you don’t set out your values firmly and unshakeably then shouty minorities such as LGBT and Musl!ms will take a mile for every inch.

  • brian rodney harwood

    The placard carried by the woman in the photograph (I take it that it is a female) describes Islam as a system and not a religion – interesting !

  • MGJ

    A good first step is to call things what they really are.

    So-called forced marriage is rape; forced marriage to children is child rape.

  • AtheistDude

    PLEASE don’t put Islamic marriage in the same category as LGBT marriage!

    The latter are not pedophiles, wife/partner beaters, polygamists, and other perverts against humanity!

  • MGJ

    Off topic but if you were worried that our experts don’t fully understand climate change then you can rest easy.

    Mean sea level rise is indeed accelerating…even though the data says it isn’t. It’s all down to volcanoes you see.

    I wonder how much time they spend attempting to falsify the theories they like compared with the ones they don’t like?

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