January 2019
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Our thieving £200,000 a year MPs have the last laugh

After the expenses scandal, you might have expected our greedy thieving MPs to cut back on their stealing of our money. But no, with their usual arrogance and sense of entitlement they have waged a bitter war on the body meant to control their dishonesty (Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Ipsa) and have now won that war. As the rest of us suffer from rising prices and job losses, MPs have just got a massive increase in the expenses they can claim/steal.

While pleading poverty, our worthless MPs don’t mention that most of them pocket over £200,000 a year. There’s £65,000 in salary, another £30,000 or so for their partner paid for supposedly being an employee, their pension is so generous that you or I would have to save over £50,000 a year to get the same pension as an MP, they can cheat over £20,000 a year on expenses and they have so little work that many have second, third and fourth jobs giving them £50,000 to £100,000 a year more.

Yet with the EU and regional assemblies making most of our laws now, we don’t need 646 MPs any more. About 200 would be quite enough. Yet these lying, thieving, arrogant parasites do what they want and steal what they want. How the Westminster scum must be laughing at our gullibility!

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