June 2010
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England – go home!

Hopefully England’s excuse for a football team was watching Germany demolish Australia last night, in the way England should have demolished the USA.

Isn’t having Crapello’s bunch of overpaid, undertalented, self-indulgent prima donnas in South Africa just a waste of money? They can’t be bothered to play properly – as they’re all so rich anyway […]

Feel any shame, Sir Jock?

It seems like the (I believe) politically compliant Sir Jock Stirrup will be leaving his post after his (I believe) incompetent mismanagement of the Afghanistan campaign.

I wonder if he feels like apologising to the families of soldiers who have died (I believe) unnecessarily, or will his massive pension (paid for by those families and […]

England out of World Cup – Rooney ruins it

OK it hasn’t happened yet. But it will. So we might as well get ready for the inevitable. The England team are not particularly good. But more importantly, they’re not hungry to win. They’re so overpaid and spolit that they’d rather throw childish tantrums on the pitch than play proper football.

It might be Rooney, […]

Bollocks to Obama

US President Obama has enjoyed supporting Argentina against Britain in the Falklands dispute and is now trying to get a few votes by lambasting the useless BP while ignoring the role of US companies in the Gulf of Mexico disaster.

Come on Cameron. Pull our troops out of Afghanistan immediately and let Mr. Obama find […]

Economists once again get it wrong

Our supposedly ‘leading’ economists predict that the euro cannot survive. This is complete rubbish as usual from ‘economists’. I suggest they take a trip to visit the EU empire in Brussels. Then they will see that the eurocrats and europoliticians will never let anything stand in the way of their dream of a European superstate […]

More balls from Balls

In his desperate attempts to become Labour’s new leader, Ed Balls, the man who helped Brown bankrupt Britain, claims he warned Brown about the effects of Labour’s deliberately uncontrolled immigration policy. Balls, balls, balls, balls. The Milibands and Balls of this world will say anything they can think of to try to distance themselves from […]

Lord Browne to destroy public services

Apparently the disgraced Lord Browne, formerly of BP (Buggered Petroleum), is going to ‘help’ the government cut public spending. We can all see what Lord Browne’s cost-cutting (and corner-cutting?) did for BP. No doubt the Lord will have the same disastrous effect on our public services.

Anyway, given that simply putting all public-sector managerial and […]

Sadly England’s losers can’t be winners

Anyone expecting England to win the World Cup is going to be sorely disappointed in a few weeks. England can never win. We all know the players aren’t much good and hardly any of them knows how to score a goal. But the real problem is that they’re not hungry to win. They’re so overpaid, […]

Liar Laws carries on lying

Liar and thief David Laws is doing a Fergie. Getting lots of interviews to claim that he only stole our money because he wanted to keep his homosexuality secret. No doubt his mates Cameron and Clegg have told him he can crawl back into government once he’s done the rounds of the media claiming his […]

Don’t get robbed by Legal and General

Warning! Don’t ever give any of your money to Legal and General – as you’ll never see most of it ever again. I got conned by a Legal and General salesman into starting a pension for my wife and I. He assured me that my contributions would be held in cash and would not be […]