December 2023
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Syria – a pictorial guide

As the BBC bleats and moans about the brave, freedom-loving, peace-loving Syrian rebels being forced out of Homs and being betrayed by the world, I thought it might be worth producing an infographic guide to the Syrian conflict.

On the one side we have President Bashar “Basher” Al-Assad (click to see more clearly)


And on the other, we have the courageous warriors of the Syrian opposition (click to see more clearly)



1. As usual it seems that our useless leaders may have backed the wrong side

2. I suspect most people in Britain feel we should leave the Syrians to their mutual slaughter and hope that both sides lose.

2 comments to Syria – a pictorial guide

  • John Fields

    I do not care what happens in any other country, I care about England. We have fought
    in two world wars plus many other small wars caring about other countries and we
    have ended up broke. Is it not about time that a small bank-rupt, debt ridden country
    with a flawed political system kept its foreign aid donations and turned inward to address
    its own problems?

  • shortchanged

    Why oh why does a near bankrupt, piddling little country like the UK, involve itself with a megalomanic POTUS like Barack Obama and bring the scorn and ridicule of the world on its head. We have a minister for foreign affairs whom seems to have lost any sence he might have had, trying to suck up to the aforementioned POTUS, perhaps with a future job in mind, a la Tony Blair.
    The UK defense force is just that, for defense, not to go swanning around the world, murdering women and children. All millitary personell to be brought home and kept here. Rant over.

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