February 2018
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The day we stole our children’s future

The day that MPs voted through the rise in tuition fees should go down in history as a day of shame – the day we stole our children’s future. Here we had a group of people, all members of the 100,000 club – the hundred thousand politicians, peers and top bureaucrats who will pocket a hundred thousand pounds or more each year of taxpayers’ money for the rest of their lives – deciding that young people should run up horrific levels of debt so that the members of the hundred thousand club could live like millionaires at taxpayers’ expense. The hundred thousand club includes scum like the odious Mandelson, fat-slob Prescott, liar Blair, buffoon Brown and thousand upon thousand of bureaucrats and quangocrats and other hangers-on and brown-nosers.

The hundred thousand club cost us over ten billion pounds a year. If they could just limit their avarice and greed, we’d have the money to support our students. But when you’re in the hundred thousand club, your sense of entitlement makes you believe that the best use of taxpayers’ money is to pay for your millionaire lifestyle. We should hang our heads in shame at the way we have allowed these scum to steal our children’s future.

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