August 2022
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Why can’t our useless leaders see who our real enemies are?

It’s the weekend, so I’ll keep it short.

Our leaders are beating the war drums again. Now we’re being shown photos supposedly of Russian troops massing on the Ukrainian border ready for an invasion. These photos may be recent as John ‘Cold War’ Kerry claims. Or they may be months old as the Russians claim. But what is clear to me is that the Russians are not our real enemy.

Here are some Russians having a bit of fun (click to see more clearly)


They don’t look like they want to start a Third World War and kill us all.

Here are some other people having some fun:


Now they really do look like they hate us, they would like to start a Third World War and they would like to kill us all.

Why can’t our useless leaders realise that the problem in the Ukraine was started by idiots Ashton and Barroso doing some more empire-building and that, instead of demonising the Russians, we should be working with them against our shared enemy (radical) Islam? It’s not complicated.

Oh, and here’s a weekend message from Vladimir:

putin message


2 comments to Why can’t our useless leaders see who our real enemies are?

  • Nic C

    Or you could ask the ‘other question’ that many in the USA conveniently gloss over: ‘Do you think they really ‘hate us’ because they ‘hate our freedom’ (as we’re so regularly reminded by our chicken-hawk, ‘duel citizen’, ADL bought and paid-for politicians)… or could a more rational and plausible explanation be ‘They hate us because for most of their lives and those of their families, the United States of America (or it’s $5B p.a. funded regional psychopathic Pit-Bull) have bought war, death, destruction, horror, pain, suffering and carnage to their countries, cities, villages, homes and families… senselessly killing entire families and communities in immoral, illegal and indiscriminate murder from drones or bombers high above their homes or from gung-ho half-wit soldiers raping and murdering their daughters and wives in random and unchecked acts of violence and terror; violence and terror that potentially awaits any poor unfortunate family every night, who’s only ‘crime’ was to be born in that part of the world, where civilization is slow to keep up, but a deeply corrupted, ethically devoid, morally bankrupt, greed ridden bunch of self-serving sociopaths feel it their right to kill countless innocent women and children and lay siege to a far away lands many of them would have and will never visit in their pathetically hollow and valueless lives, all because they want access to what’s under their sand covered lands, the riches and resources laying in wait to make the directors and shareholders of the first corporation and their bunch of privately funded, black T-shirt wearing, M-16 or HK5 tooting murderers for hire, extremely rich and leave those indigenous people who happen to be in their way homeless, disfigured, maimed, sick, hungry, cold, malnourished, bearing hideous deformities from the tones of depleted uranium covering their entire surrounds with radiation for millennia… or just dead; should they be so fortunate.

    Maybe this is a more rational, reasonable, sensibility, logical, intelligent, empathetic, informative, proactive way of looking at this subject matter and one that, god forbid, actually stimulated some swell of outrage and abhorence on the part of those Americans who just blindly wave the flag and believe what their masters tell them and that blindly kowtowing to politicians demands and following orders that deep down one knows to be illegal, immoral and against the American ‘way’ is not this bastardied construct you all call ‘Patriotism’… FFS sake a read a book just once in a while… that’s called ‘Fascism’ and a guy called Hitler was big into it!
    ‘Patriotism’ is questioning your government and working tirelessly to ensure that it’s kept intact for the sake of the people it represents and not those who pay the most in cash donations to those who happen to inhabit it for a short period on time.
    Wake the hell up America… the rest of the world’s been laughing at you for years… and now we’re actually watching with ever growing nervousness at what your leaders are lining up for you next. Open your eyes… then you’ll see that what you’re pledging to every day is not and has not been there for quite some time and your window for getting it back is fast closing by the day.
    Good luck… and congratulations on all those ‘freedoms’. Enjoy… for now.

    One of many, many, many Concerned Kiwis.

    with dead family members all around them, without essential food, water, power, sanitation or infrastructure… and no one in the west, let alone the United States of America, could give a rats arse about the plight of these poor people, about what their country has done in their name to securing profits and wealth for a small select few at the very top of western society… they continue on, ignorant and brain-dead to what’s happening outside their own state lines, let alone national boarders, other than what they’re fed every night in one minute thirty second news stories, written by the defense department’s shrills or Israel’s public relations firms in Washington…
    … and while the people are now too dumb, too distracted, too poorly educated, too broke, too lazy or just incapable of having an original thought or idea for themselves… their elites hold the world to ransom at the end of an invading tank’s barrel or a predator drone’s camera mounted in the nose of yet another incoming missile that’s about to kill another innocent family of 6 in cold blood, as the Pentagon read the same script about how they were all related to Al Queda leadership and were running a terror camp from inside a 700 year old stone building which was full of tractors and farm equipment… go figure… bloody terrorists! Luckily ‘we’re the good guys remember ‘so everything will be sweet and if ‘we’ did it by accident, then that’s OK because our cause is just and good, like freedom and democracy’ so we’ll put their deaths out of our minds and pretend that if they were actually Al Queda yet, it was only a matter of weeks or months before they eventually were… because that what all Muslims do right?? At some point they all toy with terror and suicide bombings… it’s sort of like puberty for young Muslim boys right.

  • Paddy Wright

    The EUs negative role in this mess, as summed up by Henry Kissinger:
    The European Union must recognize that its

    bureaucratic dilatoriness and subordination

    of the strategic element to domestic politics

    in negotiating Ukraine’s relationship to

    Europe contributed to turning a negotiation

    into a crisis. Foreign policy is the art of

    establishing priorities.

    Henry Kissinger March 6

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