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Ukraine – Putin is right and we are wrong…and bumbling Baroness Ashton is a fool

As our politicians and the docile mainstream media beat the war drums over Russia’s supposed “aggression” in the Ukraine, I’d like to try to provide a slightly more balanced view.

1. Kerry’s, Obama’s, Hague’s and Cameron’s hypocrisy

Our leaders have been bleating about Russia violating the “territorial integrity” of the Ukraine. Um, what about when the US invaded Grenada and Panama? And what about when the US and UK invaded Iraq and Afghanistan? Didn’t we violate those countries’ territorial integrity?

2. Nobody has been killed by the Russians

When the US invaded Grenada and Panama a few people got killed. When we attacked Iraq (on false pretences) and Afghanistan hundreds of thousands died. The Russians have taken over the Crimea with absolute professionalism without a single person being injured or killed.

3. The Ukraine has a large Russian population

There weren’t many Americans or Brits to protect when we started the mass slaughter in Iraq because of Tony Blair’s supposed weapons of mass destruction. And while 9/11 possibly justified ousting the Taliban from Afghanistan, we should have just thrown them out and then got out. But there are large areas of the Ukraine with a predominantly Russian population and who want nothing to do with the new EU-sponsored Government. Putin had not just a right, but a duty to protect them against the inevitable repression – banning the Russian language, stopping Russians from getting jobs etc – that would follow the new government’s takeover


4. The Ukraine is in Russia’s backyard and used to be part of Russia

Wtf was the idiotic Baroness Ashton thinking, when she and her EU cronies tried to pull the Ukraine away from Russia and towards the EU? Did she think that Russia would just shrug and let it happen? Until 1954, the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine were actually parts of Russia. The Ukraine is of huge strategic importance to Russia. It also houses the Russian fleet’s only 12-month ice-free port. Did Ashton think Russia would just give this up? What a blundering idiot only out to get attention for herself.

5. A lot of countries are run by nasty kleptocrats

One of our leaders’ excuses for intervening is that the ousted Ukrainian president was an unpleasant, autocratic, thieving scumbag. But pretty much all countries in Africa are run by unpleasant, autocratic, thieving scumbags. And pretty much all countries in South America are run by unpleasant, autocratic, thieving scumbags. And many Asian countries (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc) are run by unpleasant, autocratic, thieving scumbags. We can’t sort them all out. It’s up to their own people to do that.

5. We should be working with Russia against our common enemy – “radical” Islam

And finally, our cretinous leaders are fighting the last war, instead of focusing on the real future threat to our civilisation – “radical” Islam. We should be working with Russia to combat Islamic fundamentalism.

So, please don’t believe our lying leaders as they scream abuse and hurl threats at Russia. It’s mostly hypocrisy, lies and stupidity. It’s a pity none of our mainstream media will tell the truth.

4 comments to Ukraine – Putin is right and we are wrong…and bumbling Baroness Ashton is a fool

  • Paris Claims

    Russia’s action in the Ukraine doesn’t seem too far removed from our “intervention” in the Falklands to me.

  • NG

    Comment from a reader:

    This is definitely the best review of all the crap coming out of the EU and the UK parliament
    Keep up the good work

  • shortchanged

    David Craig for Prime Minister, well, why not David, you have quite a fan club, and thats half the battle. As an alternative,

    Vote UKIP.
    Vote early, vote often.

  • j blount

    Hang on a bit there. You are speaking of the lovely Baroness Ashton, a woman of great intelligence and the object of my desires. How on earth can you call her idiotic?

    Thinking about it I suppose the answer is “easily”!

    I agree with what you say about Putin. He almost seems to have acted with dignity and good manners. Little Willie Hague went over yesterday to sort it all out, but didn’t.

    I too noted that the Crimea is an Islamic stronghold, just like Birmingham.

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