June 2024

There’s something fishy about Salmond and Sturgeon

Why are the swivel-eyed, really creepy creatures – Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond and his deputy Nicola Sturgeon – so obsessed with getting an independent Scotland? Is it because they really believe Scotland’s 5.3 million people would be better off outside the UK? Or is it because independence would transform them from very small, almost irrelevant fish in a big pond (the UK) to very big, important fish in a small pond?

Of course, I can’t know what motivates Salmond and Sturgeon. But I might be tempted to think that, like all professional politicians nowadays, they don’t give a flying f**k for the idiots who vote for them and are only out to further their own lousy careers and boost their own already over-inflated egos.

Will the Scots be stupid enough to be taken in by these two (IMHO) selfish, self-serving, lying, greedy, egotistical, grasping scumbags? Maybe.

Here is the ghastly Salmond (small fish in big pond)

And here’s the (IMHO) totally mad Sturgeon (even smaller fish in big pond)

I always knew there was something fishy going on north of the border.

By the way, if Scotland votes to leave the UK, we might have to change the name of our country. We could call it the Former UK which could be shortened to……….. Oops, maybe not such a good idea

2 comments to There’s something fishy about Salmond and Sturgeon

  • Paris Claims

    Personally, I hope they do vote to break away. It should guarantee we will never have to suffer another labour administration. The only problem is the most likely gainers would be the New Labour Tribute Band AKA Cameron’s Conservatives.

  • shortchanged

    I’m with you Paris.
    They do look rather ‘creepy’, don’t they, David ?
    Nice salmon, north of the border, eat quite a lot of it, cheaper than Fillet Steak.

    Vote ukip, vote early, vote often.

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