March 2023
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What really affects the Earth’s climate? The Sun? Or cars and cow farts?

My thanks to a reader for pointing out yet more obvious reasons why Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever it’s called his week is a scam – “If the Sun was a goldfish bowl and the Earth a marble, the Earth would fit inside the Sun 1.3 million times. So we are a stone’s throw away from a heat source that is 1.3 million times the size of us but somehow we are expected to believe that “warming” is nothing to do with the Sun but man-made?”

“If you take the whole solar system, the Sun accounts for 99.86% of all the mass. So that means the rest of the planets and asteroids only weigh 0.14%. Of the remaining 0.14%, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune account for 99% of the 0.14%!”

“Who do you believe? Lying politicians and bogus government-funded “climate change” scientists or your own eyes?”

A scale picture of the solar system with accurate sizes

This is a picture of the Solar System. It’s not possible to show accurate distances as the Sun’s diameter is about 1,391,000 km and it is 147,000,000 km away from the Earth – so you’d need an awfully long picture (about 100 computer screens) if you were to show both the Sun and the Earth to scale on the same picture. The Sun is quite hot (15,000,000 degrees Celsius at the centre) and even though it’s rather far away, it only takes about 8 minutes and 19 seconds for heat from the Sun to reach the Earth.

It therefore seems beyond incredible that the Warmists totally dismiss any suggestion that variations in the Sun’s activity could have an effect on global temperatures and instead blame human activities – power stations, cars and cow farts.

Oh, and here’s a link provided by a reader to an article in the Spectator about the Ship of Fools – the idiot climatologists who tried to sail to the Antarctic to prove the ice was melting and had to call in environmentally-damaging helicopters to save them when their ship and a rescue ship both got caught in the ice that shouldn’t (according to their computer models) have been there

And solar scientists (not leftist, climate change fantasists) believe we may be heading for a mini ice age But over 600 or our 650 useless, expenses-thieving MPs backed Ed Miliband’s ludicrous 2008 Climate Change Act. So, even if Hell freezes over, our incompetent leaders will still claim we need to pay more taxes and have more wind farms to counteract Global Warming.

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