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Why we must all vote for UKIP in the May 2014 EU elections

As we approach the May 2014 EU elections, we will be drowned with misinformation from the ConLibLab Party and their cheerleaders in the media.

Cameron will blether on about his wonderful “renegotiation” and how he’ll get a “deal that’s good for Britain”. This is rubbish. The EU does not negotiate. It does not respect agreements and it does not respect democracy. It is only interested in increasing its own power. When Blair gave away a huge chunk of Britain’s rebate in return for supposed changes to the Common Agricultural Policy, the EU took our money then refused to live up to its side of the deal. And on the few occasions a few countries have been allowed to vote on EU issues, if the vote doesn’t go the way the EU wants, it just makes people vote again. And if that doesn’t give the right answer, it just does what it wants anyway.

Clegg will witter on about “3 million British jobs will be lost if we leave the EU”. Like most of what schoolboy Clegg says, this is a lie. If we left the EU, European countries would continue to trade with us. Firstly, they cannot impose special tariffs and import restrictions on British goods as that would be breaking WTO rules. Secondly, EU countries sell much more to us than we sell to them. If the EU bureaucrats tried to punish Britain by starting a trade war, millions of jobs would be lost – mainly in EU countries. So, within 24 hours of leaving the EU, we would have trade deals in place with most countries and the Brussels bureaucrats would be left fuming impotently in their rage that a country had the temerity to call their bluff and leave their corrupt, wasteful great EU superstate.

Miliband will probably claim that it’s better for Britain to be “in Europe influencing EU policy”. This is also rubbish. Britain has just one vote among 28 (soon to be 30 or more) countries. The countries taking more out of the EU than they put in massively outnumber the countries that contribute more than they receive. Therefore there will always be a majority for more spending, more central control, more bureaucracy, less democracy. Britain is powerless to stop this.

We have a very clear choice in May 2014:

Do we want Britain to remain an independent country with control of its own borders, police, military, trade, agriculture, fisheries, social security, healthcare and laws?

Or do we agree to becoming a minor region of a 500-million-people EU superstate where we will serve two purposes for our unelected EU masters. We will be a cash cow to be mercilessly milked to pay for the venal, wasteful Brussels bureaucracy and the overspending, corrupt, failed Club Med and Eastern European countries. And we will be a dumping ground for all the benefits-scrounging garbage from across the EU who see they can have an easy life in the UK at British taxpayers’ expense.

We have already given control of our agriculture, fisheries, trade and borders to the EU – with catastrophic consequences. And a country that no longer controls its own borders is not a country any more.

So, please see through the smoke and mirrors that will come from our self-serving establishment. Our choice is clear – do we want Britain as an independent country, or Britain as a administrative region of a huge corrupt, wasteful superstate ruled by unelected Kommissars? That’s what we we’ll be voting on in May 2014. Please make the right decision. And please influence those you know to make the right decision too.


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  • Paris Claims

    When UKIP support was in single figures and apparently only damaging the Conservatives, the BBC were almost supportive. Now they’re eating into LibLab support how the BBC have changed. Watching Question Time the other day I was half expecting red horns to appear from Farage’s forehead, and a quick burst of “Omen Music” every time he spoke.

  • Ken Bambropk

    Dear Sir, Would you compose a letter of the above, so we can forward it to all our e-mail addresses. I am not that proficient.
    Many thanks
    Ken Bambrook

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