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The amazing mystery of Britain’s Somalis’ many millions

It’s estimated that about 60% of Somalia’s GDP comes from money sent into the country to their extended families by Somalis living abroad. According to the Financial Times, British Somalis send an impressive £500m a year back to their relatives. And our great PM has several times praised Somalis for their strong sense of family bonds

The politically-correct and opinion-formers like to give the impression that Britain’s Somalis are hard-working and contribute not only to our country, but also to their families back in that hell-hole Somalia. As one community leader claimed: “Most Somalis I know are going to university, getting their masters, becoming successful business people. Our parents have pushed us. It has given us a certain drive.”

But let’s see if the politically-correct are being entirely honest with us. And let’s dig around to see exactly where Britain’s Somalis get the £500m a year they send home.

Officially there are about 300,000 Somalis in Britain (though there may actually be over a million). Somalis tend to have quite large families, but let’s play safe and assume that 150,000 of Britain’s 300,000 Somalis are children. That would leave 150,000 adults.

Let’s further assume that about 30,000 Somalis are either too old to work or have disabilities preventing them from working. That would leave 120,000 Somalis who could work. If we then assume that half of these 120,000 are men and the other half are women, that gives us 60,000 men and 60,000 women who could be working to save up the wonderful £500m Somalis send home each year.

Now, we know that the employment rate for Somali men is about 35%. The other 65% are what’s politely called “economically inactive”. So that’s (60,000 x 35%) 21,000 Somali men who work. About 5% of Somali women work – so there’s another 3,000 wage-earners.

With me so far? So, apparently 24,000 hard-working Somalis earn enough to support themselves and their families and have enough money left over to send £500m home each year – that’s £20,833 for every Somali in work. Duh! There’s something wrong here. There’s no way that each working Somali earns enough so that, after tax they can pay their own and their families’ living costs and each have £20,833 left over to send home!

So, where’s the money coming from? It’s certainly not from the 24,000 Somalis who do bother going to work. I think we can all guess the answer – benefits! Yup, our benefits system is so generous to the 276,000 Somalis who contribute nothing at all to our country, that they can not only live well in Britain, but can also send £500m of our taxes back to their relatives in Somalia.

No wonder they get so excited when our idiotic leader Cameron pledges to help their basket-case country

5 comments to The amazing mystery of Britain’s Somalis’ many millions

  • Paris Claims

    Economically inactive, as far as most Somalis are concerned, can be translated as sucking up welfare whilst engaged in crime.

  • Brillo

    How the hell do they get here?

    Our politicians have royaly shafted us, once us baby boombers have passed away it’s just a matter of time before this country ends in anarchy. How sad but inevitable.

  • Jo

    Not just here, Holland, too! Most persecution ‘hotspots’ around the world aren’t that way permanently so any residency should only be granted on a temporary basis.

  • Brian

    You do know somalia was the playground of the superpowers. Hardly 2 decades have passed since the civil war and there is a new upcoming generation of somalis learning and working hard. A bit unfair on the somalis whose qualifications were rendered useless and had to gain skills whilst working in jobs not fit for their skills to survive.Give them a break

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