July 2024

Are Britain’s bureaucrats racists and Islamophobes?

Yesterday, I wrote about the questionable contribution made to Britain by our 300,000-strong Somali community in which around 65% of men and 90% of women are economically inactive. Looking at the chart produced from figures from the Office for National Statistics, I noticed something very odd:

The four communities with the highest levels of worklessness – Somalis, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis and Turks – all come from Muslim countries.

I found another study done by the Office for National Statistics on levels of unemployment and intention to work by ethnicity:

This doesn’t split out the level of activity of Somalis, but does show that the percent of Bangladeshis and Pakistanis (both from Muslim countries) not working and not intending to work is much higher than for other ethnicities.

Either the people at the Office for National Statistics are really nasty racists and Islamophobes who deliberately and hatefully produce figures designed to malign Britain’s much-treasured Muslim community or……………………….

I can’t really think of any other explanation, can you?

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4 comments to Are Britain’s bureaucrats racists and Islamophobes?

  • Paris Claims

    If I was an employer and ran a small business and was looking to take on one or two staff I would probably have to discount several potential candidates.
    These would include women “of child bearing age” for obvious reasons (sorry!) and all ethnic minorities, especially muslims, as no doubt I’d get sued for wrongful dismissal if I got rid of them for incompetence, or any other legitimate reason.
    Large firms cannot get away with this type of selection process as they tend to advertise vacancies to the general public, and they have “targets” to meet.
    The level of “positive discrimination” in the public sector is such that there is almost no excuse for ethnic minorities being unemployed, even for the “unemployable” ones. They haven’t washed up over here for the weather, our warm beer or our culture.

  • brian

    its too late , the dammage is done and its getting worse , I realy cant see any way we can recover from what first labour and now coservatives have done to us by allowing this mass migration to take place, you cant send them back (i would but it will never happen)

  • brian ferrier

    Us stupid infidel hard working idiot British chumps simply fail to understand or will not admit to what is going on.

    An acknowledged form of Jihad is to sit on your arse and leech off the Christian society our Muslim friends wish to overwhelm, subjugate and destroy. IE. Us !

    By sitting on their backsides and doing nothing, these Muslims who my political masters constantly tell me have so enhanced the cultural mix where I live, are getting free health care, free schooling, free housing and anything else they can get their hands on as long as I pay for it and in doing so, Allah will give them a pat on the back for promoting Islam in a Christian country.

    The evil the Muslim interloper immigrants engage in through selling drugs, enticing white girls into prostitution, not paying tax at the takeaway they own and employing illegal relatives friends and paying illegals, and a host of other pastimes, earns them their BMW’s, their status in the mosque and also brings the 40 virgins that bit closer.

    We are not dealing with people who were brought up in the UK with the same rule book as us, yet we bend over, and invite them to penetrate our anuses at every step as we don’t wish to be seen to cause offence or be called racist !!

    Our political masters are so scared of any Muslim violence if they or we, resist, they have handed our children’s heritage to these people on a plate, as long as they can get their vote, which is a vote against YOU !!!

    More legislation has been put in place to stop you objecting to the Islamafication of your country than there is to prevent it….

    Smell the coffee..

    Why is this ?

    Who is in charge ???

  • Thanks for the article.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

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